Awkward Celebrity Yearbook Pictures You Have to See to Believe

By Christoph

Most people assume celebrities and people in Hollywood just popped into the world looking glammed up and beautiful, but that’s not true. Like everyone, your favorite star also went through awkward phases growing up, where they were uncertain about many things and didn’t look as good as they do today. Today, we have some photos to prove they are human and had their awkward teen phase, just like the rest of us!

Jennifer Lawrence

You can almost immediately tell that the young girl in this picture grew up to be the Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence from the smile on her face and her long blonde hair. However, you probably can not predict that she will grow to become an Oscar-winning actress in the future. 


Back in the day, Jennifer Lawrence secretly dropped out of middle school. During an interview, she revealed that she is self-educated and doesn’t have a GED or high school diploma. It certainly worked because she is currently worth over $160 million.