Bad Home Habit Stories That Could End Your Relationship

By Christoph

Living together with your partner is not an easy challenge. There’s always something that both of you don’t agree on or problems that you need to deal with. We could learn how to navigate our lives and make them work for most couples. However, others might not be as lucky. Here are some stories where bad home habits lead to the end of a relationship shared by Redditors. Take a look! 

Worse Than Chewing.

If you think chewing loudly is bad, user Poprocks_and_cola has another horror habit story that is even worse: “I dated this guy [who] had this really gross habit of always sucking the most disgusting things. It started off small, sucking my toes after I had been for a long walk.” If you think he is the gross, the worse is still behind: “But soon, he was picking coins off the sidewalk and sucking them. I eventually ended [the relationship] when he sucked a dog’s tail.”


Adding to the conversation, WrykerOdetoI shared their tale on the boyfriend: “Went to his apartment for the first time after a few dates. Both of us were broke and between paychecks, so we decided to go to his [place] and watch T.V. Halfway through an episode, I looked over, and his puppy is legitimately suckling on his tongue. I know of people who let their dogs lick them on their mouths, but this was a whole new level for me.”

Smelling weird things is another bad omen.

While we must be patient when dealing with problems, other disturbing habits need to go immediately! A Reddit user has described their ex like this: “My ex had to smell EVERYTHING. Seriously, it was sad. Really weirded me out as well. Like what the [eff] are you smelling that for? ‘I don’t know every time. Never fails.”


If you think this is not a common bad habit, you might rethink after reading ScrangiePangie’s case: “[My ex] liked to smell strange things. Gym socks after running 5 miles… yeah, he’d need to take a big whiff of those… The same goes for sweaty pits of workout shirts, shower towels after many uses, and of course, his own B.O.” Another story in the same sub-threat also said: “My ex had to smell everything. For example, when he adjusted himself down there when he got ear wax out of his ear, and whenever he cleaned his teeth with a toothpick…”

Weird sucking noises.

We didn’t know lollipops could be such a dealbreaker for many people. In this case, RebuildingMyself retold the story of their relationship: “Ex-GF loved lollipops. Nothing wrong with that. Until you are at the computer and want to show her something while she’s sucking on one, [making] disgusting slurpy noises RIGHT IN YOUR [FREAKING] EAR.”


Interestingly, many users have agreed to this problem, adding a few experiences: “This is the worst. I can’t stand mouth/slurpy noises.” I-heart-naps also stated: “I hate mouth noises, whether it’s human or animal. My boyfriend intentionally makes those noises sometimes just to annoy me.” 

Public displays of affection aren’t always a good thing.

Public displays of affection (or PDA) have been an ongoing debate for a long time. How much PDA is too much? User fluffywhereareyou’s story might give you an insight. Her boyfriend used to grope her while walking down the street fully. “When I asked him why he felt the need to do that, he told me it was because he wanted to show everyone that I was his. So… bye.”



Another user with the name Vault101’s also responded with her story on an ex who likes to tickle: “I think he thought it was fun and sexy or something, but I told him I didn’t like it, and he just kept doing it, saying, ‘Come on, it’s me.’ I have pretty brutal anxiety, and it really didn’t help.” 

Multiple pets are too much.

One or two pets could be an excellent way for couples to bond, but too many could put a strain on your relationship at one point. DoctorDank told the reason why his relationship ended: “One time, the girl I was seeing invited me over for dinner and to stay the night. Now, she lived in a different city than I did, and as I didn’t have a car at the time, this meant arranging transportation from my friend’s [place] and paying for gas money, so no mean feat. As I arrived, I was informed that her new roommate didn’t have a bed, and she would be sharing the king-sized bed with us. ‘No big deal,’ I thought, ‘If we’re gonna get down, we’ll do it on the couch after the roommate [goes] to bed.


WRONG. No sexy times for me. So after dinner, I listened to some of her (bad) poetry and then was informed she was tired and was going to sleep. Oh, and guess who shares the bed? All three cats that lived there, and her Rottweiler. So that’s three people, three cats, and a dog, all in one bed. I don’t think I’ve ever had a worse night of sleep in my life, and I never saw her again.”

Dating mama’s boy could be a challenge.

If you think mama’s boy isn’t real, we have the evidence to show. Mackattack1015 disclosed the story when she was in a relationship with one: “Here’s a good one. My ex was overly attached to his mother to the point where it was weird. He used nicknames for her like ‘sweetheart’ and ‘babe.’ It was downright creepy.”


Mystik-Spiral’s ex was also a typical case of mama’s boy: “My [ex’s] mother hated me so, in what I can only assume was a display of dominance, she waddled down the [stair] steps (she was as round as she was tall) in her pajamas (read: long t-shirt). She then turned around and had him take her bra off her. His excuse? Her nails were too long, and she was too large to reach around and do it herself. I pointed out that she could do what all women do and bring the straps off her shoulders and turn the bra around to unhook it in the front. He did not agree with me.”

Money problem.

We all know that financial disagreements are a huge red flag for couples. BlorfMonger was among the first to share his experience: “[My girlfriend] would turn the A.C. up on high, and then get a space heater and point it at her toes. No…she never paid any power bills.” Needless to say, that relationship ended up completely cold.


Another user also came forward with their anecdote: “I don’t know what’s wrong with some people. It’s suddenly too hot, too cold… If I leave my windows shut unless it’s like 90 or 20 I don’t even need heating. Put on a sweater.”