Bizarre Public Things That People Snuck Pictures Of

By Christoph

People have different ways to make life more interesting, from dancing in front of a crowd or doing anything weird in public. While it could be a great way to live your life, sometimes, this decision can make you look awkward. Sometimes, it might become a permanent memory of your life through someone’s camera. Here’s a compilation of some of the most bizarre things people have secretly photographed.

1. A girl sitting and eating on the subway

When living a fast-paced life, you have to make good use of every second you have. The girl in the photo had a great meal with a large amount of food on her plate. Ignore the eyes of the people around.

Pass Me Your Plate

2. This guy with a weird hairstyle

We all have ideas that come to mind, like how we want to change our look next year. The guy in the photo has a pretty impressive hairstyle that looks like a melon. Did you laugh when you saw this picture?

Unique Hairdo

3. A man wearing a banana

When your day is tough, and you need healing, you can stop by a church and have a little prayer. However, one man was dressed as a banana and was working at the local fruit stand. He probably didn’t think this was a sneak peek, and luckily for us, he was wrong!

Oh, Great Banana!

4. Receipts lying on the floor


How did this happen, and why hasn’t anyone cleaned it up? And the person who took this photo was surprised to find out that this massive number of receipts probably made it difficult to use this ATM. That also seems to be a rather dangerous situation. What about not only the potential physical risk but also the financial information contained on the receipt?

Too Many Transactions

5. This man standing at the back of a pickup truck

A man did a hazardous act while standing on a pickup truck. After all, safety is just a tiny thing, and as long as he’s careful, everything will be fine, right? One thing is for sure. They didn’t think anyone would capture this danger in a photograph. They would have turned around waving and smiling for the photo if they did.

You Okay Back There?

6. A guy carrying his chair to a public place

When you want to go to a store or a business that requires you to wait in long lines, surely no one wants to stand like that for hours, so why not bring your own chair? 

Bring Your Own Seat

7. This woman and her scarf

If one day you are excited to go to work and see this scene, how will you feel? The image of a girl bringing a pet to work together, but it is a snake. It’s also possible that this is her emotional support animal, and that’s fine, but it affects the people on that ride a lot. An intrepid passenger took the photo without her knowing it. And hopefully, this will not happen again in the future.

Is That a Snake-Skin Scarf?