Candid Photos of Celebs Displaying Their Normal, Clumsy, and Endearing Qualities

Celebrities in Hollywood are often treated as divine beings, but at the end of the day, they are mere mortals who desire privacy just like the rest of us. However, achieving this feat can be daunting, especially when paparazzi constantly breathe down your neck. While celebrities don't mind being photographed when they look their best, with the wind blowing through their hair and the sun highlighting their finest features, they certainly wouldn't appreciate having their pictures taken when caught off guard, tripping and falling, or having a bad hair day. Unfortunately, unflattering images of celebrities tend to go viral online, but it's part of the fame game. In this post, we aim to highlight that even Hollywood icons no longer with us have their fair share of embarrassing moments. Scroll down to see some rare and unforgettable photos of these deceased stars that they would probably prefer to keep hidden in the depths of history.