What Celebrities Eat On Their Cheat Day

By Christoph

Celebrities are just like us, and it’s no surprise they have strict diets between gourmet meals and exotic dishes. Of course, anyone who has been on a diet could tell you: that there’s always a favorite cheat meal. Some of the most well-known celebrities have shared their favorite cheat snacks. From savory snacks to the sweetest desserts, these celebrities have revealed what they reach for whenever it’s time to treat themselves. So let’s dive in and see what your favorite celebrities’ cheat meal cravings are. 

Karlie Kloss

Early on in her modeling career, American fashion model Karlie Kloss once could rely on her metabolism to help keep her in shape. Kloss says she was able to eat all the snacks and candies she wanted. However, she has since changed to a strict pescatarian diet. Kloss does have one particular type of candy that is too hard for her to give up. Dark chocolate takes the top spot as her number one cheat day snack. Kloss says it is even better if there’s sea salt or caramel.