The Most Disastrous Celebrity Live Performances

By Christoph

Live performances inherently carry an element of unpredictability, often leading to situations where things don’t quite go as planned. From malfunctioning props to skipped vocal tracks, and even unfortunate incidents on Saturday Night Live, these musicians encountered some challenging moments during their shows.

Mariah Carey, New Year’s Eve

Mariah Carey has carved out a legendary status in the music industry, with her melodious tunes becoming a staple during the holiday season. It was no surprise then that she was considered an ideal fit for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. However, her highly anticipated performance in 2016 took an unexpected turn, tarnishing her reputation.


Regrettably, Carey’s appearance that year became infamous due to a noticeably poor performance. Her team later clarified that the singer had encountered difficulties caused by a malfunctioning earpiece, which disrupted the audio she was supposed to hear during her act. This incident left a lasting impression on both fans and critics, overshadowing Carey’s otherwise remarkable musical career.