Female Celebrities with Impressive Heights That You didn’t expect

By Christoph

Everyone knows that the average height of American women is 160 centimeters. However, these Hollywood female celebrities are much taller than that. Aside from being supermodels, they are actresses and singers who tower over their male companions at many events. Moreover, they won’t have to wear heels all the time! Let’s see which superstars make it to our list today!

1. Kendall Jenner

How can we miss out on the famous Kardashian family supermodel Kendall Jenner? Inheriting the tall genes from the Caitlyn family, she climbed the ladder to become an icon in the fashion world. Kendall has modeled for the most expensive brands in the world and has even walked the Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has an actual height of 1m80, making her the tallest woman in the family.