The Funniest Sports Snapshot Taken At The Right Moment

By Christoph

Athletes are some of the most amazing people on earth. They are often seen as idols because they show us the incredible things the human body can do. Sometimes they even go further than what should be humanly possible. However, that doesn’t mean their photos will also come out perfectly every time. Today, we’ve collected some of the funniest sports bloopers to have ever happened that have been captured on camera, and some of them had us rolling on the floor laughing! Which one do you think is the absolute funniest blooper of them all? We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

“I’m looking good!”

This wakeboarder was on his way to breaking a record when he suddenly realized he wasn’t alone. The water below him acted like a mirror, showing a very good-looking man, and he didn’t hesitate to get closer to his mirror image. Anyway, it makes a funny and beautiful picture!