Funny Moments At the Airport That Will Make You Laugh

By Christoph

Are you facing a stressful moment at work or sad about personal matters? Then the little funny things about life around you can help you overcome those problems. And here are some funny airport moments to uplift your mood!

1. Yoga at the airport

There’s no rule against practicing yoga in public spaces – so what better way to relax when your flight has a delay or you’ve just spent hours on a long flight? A girl relaxes by doing yoga at the airport to continue her journey. That is a fun way.

Yoga On the Go

2. An airport proposal

Public marriage proposals were once the standard for many couples, as they are grand and romantic. Moreover, these marriage proposals always make people around admire them. As seen in this photo, those who witnessed the marriage proposal couldn’t help but feel moved for the happy couple. Proposing in the airport is sure to bring tears to your eyes!

Will You Marry Me?

3. A pets toilet

San Diego Airport was one of the first to build a place for your pet to cool off before or after a long flight. That shows that they care about not only human passengers but also their fellow travelers.

A Toilet For Pets

4. Image of a cute baby looking for a father


The image of a lovely child looking for a father makes everyone feel so cute and not just the father. He recognized his baby immediately when he saw this unique poster! The mom who modified the famous lyrics from a pop song is a pretty original way to introduce a father to his newborn baby, so this mom gets some critical points for the creation.

Look At Me, Daddy!

5. A baby on the conveyor belt at the airport

If you don’t have hands to hold your baby, what’s the only way? This mother left the baby in the nearest bucket on the conveyor belt. She asked to remove her shoes, so she needed both hands free – and the bucket seemed to be the safest place to put an infant. But fortunately, that didn’t happen here, and the newborn was unharmed in his little box.

Where To Put The Baby?

6. Falcons appear on economy class seats

Looking at this picture, you might think all the passengers were turned into falcons by an evil witch. A Saudi Arabian prince used his status to get all 80 falcons on a commercial flight. That was a luxury only a highly privileged person could enjoy. If you encounter a situation like the one in the photo, it will be an exciting experience. 

What Happened To the People?

7. What a strange posture

Your beloved suitcase is not only used for personal items but also helps you sleep better. The guy in the photo only needs a bag and a chair and already has a comfortable sleeping position. As long as you know how to arrange a little, you will immediately have an ideal sleeping place after sitting a long flight. When you have a chance, try this unique way. 

The New Comfy Chair