Genius Granny’s Life Hacks That Will Save Your Days

By Christoph

Grandparents are simply the best, aren’t they? They coddle us, ensure we’re well-fed, listen to all the absurd stories, slip us money even if our parents tell them not to, and make us feel loved. Another thing that makes them so cool and lovable is their wit and wisdom in daily life. From simple logic and experience, they came up with genius ways to make life easier, and up until today, only a few things could beat those hacks. We have gathered some of those fantastic hacks for your daily problem right here. Let’s dive into them now!

Deodorize Your Own Shoes

Everyone knows that the stink from a stinky shoe can be pretty hard to eliminate. Basic washing won’t stop the smell; some DIY hacks just don’t cut it. Of course, you can also use talcum powder, but who wants to spend extra money just for that? Granny’s hack is to use salt instead. Pack salt into a little fabric bag, stick it in your shoes, and it will absorb the moisture and smell. You can also use fresh dryer sheets to mask the smell. Just make sure to take both out before you put your shoes on.