When Job Interviews Didn’t Go Exactly as Planned

By Christoph

We all had that phase where we were struggling to find a job. It could be the start of your internship or when you just got out of college. All positions at first are always stressful, even the interview. However, while things go smoothly, sometime, it could go horribly wrong. Here are some of the most unfortunate job interviews that people have faced.

Is This An Interview or Interrogation?

We are used to answering questions after questions during an interview. Mostly it was because the employers wanted to know more about our skills and previous experience. However, this person’s session quickly turned sour as they met with yelling and other verbal assaults.

 Job Interviews
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We have to applaud them for walking out of the interview. No one should face these types of situations.

Too Many Red Flags

All job interviews should be conducted between two sides. While the company asks questions, you can also speak your ideas and request answer. We always want to know what policies and regulations they conduct.

 Job Interviews
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However, this woman hit terrible luck when she met this horrible interviewer. Not only did they yell at her for asking a simple question, but they also proved that no one had listened to her. With such a red flag, she’d better find employment elsewhere.

Professional Reaction

When facing some ridiculous situation, rolling our eyes is one of the most common reactions. However, doing that during a job interview is just distasteful. During the pandemic, having a mask on is a must in many areas.

Probably Not the Most Professional Reaction
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So when someone asks you to put it on, do it. One simple act of rolling your eyes could cost you that dream job you’ve been trying to get.

Being Brutally Honest

All employers value honesty during an interview. However, there must be a balance between the information we share. A KFC interviewer has a funny story to share back in the day. When they ask a candidate why they didn’t go for other companies, they receive a super honest answer: “they don’t have any spaces left.”


Perhaps Being Brutally Honest Can Help Us Land the Job
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Surprisingly, they still got the job. So what should be the lesson here? Sometimes being a bit too honest might help.

Why Are There so Many Scams?

For many people, their goal in getting a job is to obtain money. As a result, salary is what we often check first when applying for any company. On the other hand, many employers take advantage of this factor and begin a scam.

Why Are so Many of These Jobs Postings All Scams?
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They might share in their job posting that you will receive 16/hr. However, when the final interview arrives, the boss only offers 9/hr. It’s easy to see why the applicant walks out and never returns.

“Just Sign Here”

Most job posting with general job description requires in-depth interviews. During this session, you can learn more details about the role you applied for and what it brings. However, make sure to listen carefully and read all the documents the employer brings out.

"Oh, No Need to Worry About That. Just Sign Here"
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In this case, when hearing about signing off on some tasks that were not under their supervision, this guy realized they were trying to trick him. If you want to avoid any potential liability lawsuits, pick another company.

A Financial Scheme

Are sales jobs actual jobs? Many could argue that they are more likely financial schemes. When this person joined an interview for a start-up’s customer service position, they met one crucial word: “door-to-door sales for commission.”

Knowing When to Not Get Involved in a Financial Scheme
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Remember to run whenever you hear this phrase. There is a high chance you might be lured to join a financial scheme. It’s good that they recognize the system quickly and find a way out of it.