Rare Genetic Conditions That Make One Person Unique

By Christoph

Genetics is something that even science can’t explain and will always surprise us in many cases. For some people, mother nature has played a hand in giving them some extraordinary quirk. From a family with an unusual number of fingers to a never-seen-before eyes color, here are the unique cases of rare genetic conditions that you haven’t seen before. 

A Unique Form Of Heterochromia

For most expecting couples, the questions about which parent the kid will look like always appear. In many cases, it will depend on their genetics. Sometimes, the kids will look exactly like one of their parents, like the boy in this story. 


He is a literal carbon copy of his mother from just the picture. At first, no one believed that he was born with the same heterochromia type similar to his mom. The condition gave them a unique combination of swirled blue and black eyes. 

Albinism And Heterochromia

The chance of Albinism and Heterochromia appearing within one person is nearly zero, yet this girl beats the impossible. Amina Ependieva looks like a magical being at first glance.


Because of albinism, her skin, hair, and eyes melanin pigment reduced, making her whole body look super pale. Moreover, heterochromia gives her a set of eyes with two different colors. 

An Unforgettable Birth Mark

Despite being a rare condition, it has appeared on more people than you think. Piebaldism is a genetic state where you were born without melanocytes, a particular type of cells in their skin.


As a result, you can once in a while see someone with a white patch on their skin, especially the forehead. They could also have white hair, as the area is sensitive; dyes are not recommended. 

Vitiligo Buddies 

Different from the rare genetic conditions above, Vitiligo is a common one. When someone has Vitiligo, you usually spot white patches on their skin. Moreover, the severity depends on the lack of melanin in each person’s body. 


Here is a photo of 8-year-old boy Carter Blanchard. Growing up with Vitiligo, he always feels alone due to his condition. However, after becoming best friends with a Vitiligo pup Rowdy, the pair have hit it off and have been inseparable since then. 

Unique Pattern In Her Eyes

This photo came from a guy who couldn’t help but share this unique trait of this wife. In detail, she possesses such clear light blue eyes and extra genetic spice.


Taking a closer look, we could see a flower pattern in her eyes, which came from her eye color and pattern. Everything and the excellent sunset light result in a magnificent picture. 

Partial Heterochromia

We learnt that heterochromia is one of the most unique conditions, but imagine having it on both eyes. This girl in the photo has a one-of-a-kind color combo on her eyes.


The condition is called sectoral heterochromia, which is the incomplete form of heterochromia. Aside from that, we could see that she has a dominant color in each eye and a bit of the other. 


This Girl With Two Color Hair

After seeing a girl with two-color eyes, here comes another special case! At first glance, nobody would think that her hair is original. Others will assume that she had it done once or twice. 


However, her sister has shared this photo online, proving that her hair did not change from her youth till recent years. She was born with blonde hair on the left of her head and brown hair on the right. 

A Gap In Her Eyebrow

Among the unique genetic features, a gap in an eyebrow doesn’t seem to belong in this list. Nevertheless, this girl and her family all have this hereditary trait. 


Moreover, it passed from generation to generation, judging by the photo above. We could see a similarity between her ancestors and her current look, with the same eyebrow gap. 

Cat-Eye Syndrome

This Chinese man possessed one of the rarest conditions: the cat-eye syndrome. Born in the South of China, Nong Youhiu can perfectly see in the dark. 


Moreover, his eyes could also reflect lights, and he even has enhanced night vision. One downside of this condition is that his eyes will be greatly sensitive to light.

A Baby With A Ton Of Hair

Most babies are born bald or have little hair. Sure, we could see some cases where some are hairier than others. However, nobody will expect to see little Chanco’s thick hair at birth. 


Everyone, including his parents, was surprised to see him with a full head of hair. It was even thicker than the adult’s level. By the time he was 7 in this photo, he had developed full-grown hair. 

A Unique Eye Pattern

Eye colors and patterns are different for each person, but some will be more unique than others. For example, this person was born with sectoral heterochromia, which leaves them with an inexplicable eye pattern. 


We could see a bit of brown in her green eye. Moreover, the pattern is also a one-of-a-kind type. Someone has left a comment saying that it looked like a turtle shell.

An Up Vote Birth Mark

Among us, it’s not hard to spot somebody with birthmarks. They all come in different shapes and forms. From what we see, it looks like this baby has one of the oddest birthmarks.


On her head, we could see a perfectly shaped upvote icon. Or you can describe it as a pointing upwards arrow. With such a rare genetic trait, t’s safe to say her photo will be appearing on many social media in the upcoming years.