These People Clearly Don’t Look Their Age

By Christoph

Many of us must have come across someone that doesn’t look their age once in our life, don’t we? While it could benefit some people who look younger than their actual age, it could sometimes be a curse. Here are some unique cases of people who don’t look their age that will blow your mind! 

40 or Fourth Grade

Most people will age wisely, but not this nine-year-old girl below. Do you think, in this case, mother nature was trying to play a trick on us? One cheeky husband has shared the photo online, saying that his wife was “a 40-year-old receptionist in 4th grade.” 

40 or Fourth Grade

Too Young for Your Profession 

While women find joy in aging slower than their friends, they expect the process to start after their 30. In here, we have a girl who doesn’t look like she wants any of that. In the picture, there is a professional journalist who was in her mid-20. She is posing right next to her senior colleague, can you believe that? Some of us might even think that she was an intern if we didn’t see her ID.

Too Young for Your Profession 

An Absolutely Geriatric Baby

According to various research, most babies tend to gain between 1.5 to 2 pounds monthly. Furthermore, we should expect to see an increase of 2 to 3 inches. None of us will expect our baby to look like an older man by the time they hit three months, won’t we? Yet, the photo of this infant will shock you. Everyone who came across this image has wondered how could such a thing happen. Where did these wrinkles come from?

An Absolutely Geriatric Baby

Wise Beyond Her Years

Age is just a number, but this logic won’t be appliable for this image. We could describe it as a seven-year-old girl posing for her school yearbook at first glance. However, the internet said this is a picture of a 55-year-old woman, judging by the mature vibe and a combo of hair, makeup, accessories, and sequins. Worried not, she is indeed just a seven-year-old girl. 

Wise Beyond Her Years

The 1980s Was Just Full of Elderly Kids

It’s hard not to mention Nintendo when we talked about the mid-80s. From a tiny Game Boy to a whole TV screen experience was such a significant thing. Here we have a photo of one boy posing with his birthday present. Did you notice anything? Now, try to imagine his head and an older man’s body; would it fit perfectly? 

The 1980s Was Just Full of Elderly Kids

A Mix between Youthful and Old

When this mugshot hit the internet, it caused a heated debate. Are they young or old? A man or a boy? Or even a young girl or woman? Why do we see all of this just in one silly picture? The identity of this man remained a secret up until now. 

Is Rapid Aging Her Talent? 

After the birthday pic and mugshot, let’s move on to the graduation portrait. A 30-year-old mom came across this gem when she was searching for evidence of her look. In this image, we could see that she did look like she was 30 at the mere age of 13. Not even high school, but middle school. How crazy is that? 

Did You Retake Many Years? 

In this yearbook, try to spot the imposter! Among the 8th-grade boys and girls, we suddenly see a fully grown man. The kid must have the genes for an impressive beard and doesn’t do well with shaving, perhaps. 

High Schooler Or a Middle-Aged Dad

Is this a friend of the guy above? A grown-up man has shared this image with a bit of backstory: “This is why I never had a girlfriend in high school. I looked 35 when I was 14.” Do you agree with what he said? 

Timing Is Everything

A teenager shared this photo online with the caption: “Me at 14 looking 40.” While many might think it was a joke, he stressed that he took this picture in real-time with no filter. Some suggested that gravity could play a part in this, as they often make our faces jiggle around and create an illusion. 

Middle Schooler or the Moms

Have you heard of the sentence “It’s not how old you are; It’s how you are old.” Keep that in mind when you take a look at this photo. Could you believe that this is a middle schooler? The hair, feathers, earrings, and even makeup are pretty mature. It’s time to put this child into the outfit that she deserves. 


A Confusing Childhood Photo

Who doesn’t have an ugly duckling phase growing up? But this guy took his to another level. This guy right here showed us a picture when he was 10 in a silly wig. However, his friend said that “I thought it was your mother.” Ouch! 

22 Going on 12

When you already passed the 20 marks, and yet someone still thinks you’re in your preteens, it sucks. A user shared this photo online with a caption: “My sister is 22 Going On 12.” Going in a bar when looking like that, you bet the bartender will ask for her ID every time. 

Missing Hair at an Early Age 

For most men, a sign that they are getting older is losing hair. In many cases, baldness could even happen at a young age due to genetics and hormones. In the picture, here is another rare situation. A user uploaded this photo of his dad, saying, “My dad started balding at around 17 lol.”

This Body Builder Is Absolute of Age

Aside from looking much older or younger than their age, someone even managed to look both ways at the same time. For example, this gym jock right here. He achieved the impossible: an older body and even a decade younger face.

Genetics Influences

This woman right here had an explanation for staying the same from her 12 to 30: genetic. While many depend on the magic of skincare and makeup, she seemed to hit the jackpot. 

19-Year-Old Teen Fathers

If you looked at some pictures decades ago, the past generations tend to be more mature. It could be because they married early or started to handle the economic responsibility sooner than us. Some even had kids before turning 30. Here we have a photo of a father at the age of 19, looking quite mature. 

Granny Sweaters Effect

If a bad haircut or makeup doesn’t make us look younger, your wardrobe choice would also play up the part. A woman has shared this image online, showing her old lady sweaters. That and the manageable hairdo plus pearls ended her childhood quite quickly. 

This Baby-Faced Teacher is The Worst

In many countries, respect for elders is a must. However, with a face like this, how do we command such a thing? When a TV crew approached a table with six students, they caught on to the highest one and gave him some questions. In the end, it turns out he the guy was one of the teachers of the school. 

Big Beards Are Age Camouflage

While women are wary of beards, man is using them for another reason. How old do you think this particular guy is, 30 to 40? Wrong! The answer is 18, merely a senior in high school. Perhaps shaving will do him some good in this situation. 

A Preteen or a Chic Lady

While others spent a long time finding our signature style, it seemed like this one girl had her goal figured out. She skipped through the standard preppy, sporty, or even goth and hipster. Instead, the twelve-year-old jumped right into a wealthy lady who was on a Beverly Hills shopping trip.

The ’30s Teen Looks Pretty Mature 

As girls used to get married at the age of 18 back in the day or even sooner, they tend to look more mature than the rest. A user online uploaded this image of her granny taken in 1935. She did seem very mature at only 14. As there’s no further proof, we’re going to take her word for it. 

The Fountain of Youth

Most women dream of a fabulous fifty, don’t we? While we have changed over time, the chances are that some of us won’t. In this photo, she didn’t age much. Can this be a result of generic? Or is this a daughter posing in front of her mother’s party?