Over-the-Top Features of Celebrity Homes

By Christoph

Most people can only dream of spending millions of dollars on luxury clothes, designer bags, furniture, or traveling. However, buying a two-thousand-dollar coat is a pretty minor thing for celebrities. With all that money, it’s no surprise that stars often buy things the average of us can’t even understand. From their walk-in sports shoe cabinets to their 100-seat home theater, let’s find out what expensive features celebrities have in their home. Follow the article below to discover together!

1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been a superstar for decades, and she made the unexpected decision with her hard-earned money over the years to buy a convent building. Three years and thousands of dollars, she was granted building ownership. The singer was delighted and quickly packed up to move in. Since she was raised in a Christian family and her childhood was always associated with gospel music, we can understand why she bought this house. Finally, the singer-songwriter is in a relationship with actor Orlando Bloom.