Rare Photos Of Hollywood Stars And Their Stunt Doubles

By Christoph

Stunt doubles are easily one of the most overlooked professionals in the television industry. These guys and girls are always doing crazy stunts that could injure them, yet they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Nevertheless, some actors and actresses are changing that. Celebrities are now sharing pictures with them to show appreciation! Here are some memorable moments of Hollywood actors and their stunt doubles!

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is one of the leading actresses in action movies these days, especially because she is this generation’s one and only Wonder Woman. As she plays a heroine in the film, the actress has plenty of action scenes, and that’s where her stunt double comes in. Finding a stunt double for Gal wasn’t easy for the casting directors. The actress is pretty tall, so they had to look for a counterpart that was about her height. Luckily, they found Christiaan Bettridge, who looks quite similar to Gal.