Webcomic Artist Illustrates Relatable Everyday Life

When you think that adulthood is easy and just happens one day out of the blue, you are greatly mistaken. Adulting is hard, complicated, and messy, but luckily, there are people like Amby Vaingankar, an Indian comic artist, that make it funny, entertaining, and more bearable overall. Her witty commentary and clever spin on things that are part of Adulting 101 will make you feel understood, appreciated, and at ease.

She uses her Instagram page @gotta_sketchum_all, which counts more than 129k followers, as a space to share her lovely comics. They include her ordinary life, her mom, her relationship, and her friendships. We’ve collected some of her comics that made us laugh out loud and wanted to share them with you to make you laugh, relax, count your blessings, and not take things for granted.