Female Celebrities with Impressive Heights That You didn’t expect

Everyone knows that the average height of American women is 160 centimeters. However, these Hollywood female celebrities are much taller than that. Aside from being supermodels, they are actresses and singers who tower over their male companions at many events. Moreover, they won’t have to wear heels all the time! Let’s see which superstars make it to our list today!

1. Kendall Jenner

How can we miss out on the famous Kardashian family supermodel Kendall Jenner? Inheriting the tall genes from the Caitlyn family, she climbed the ladder to become an icon in the fashion world. Kendall has modeled for the most expensive brands in the world and has even walked the Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has an actual height of 1m80, making her the tallest woman in the family.

Adult Cartoon Jokes That You Might Have Missed

While many cartoons are for a younger audience, it doesn’t stop some producers from including some adult jokes in some episodes. When you watched these animated films as kids, you might have missed out on some of them. Watch till the end to see if there are any movies you’ve seen and missed! 

1. Freakazoid! – LGBTQA+ 

LGBTQA+ has been a hot topic for the global audience in recent years. It means supporting all relationships, and all people, regardless of gender, gender, race, nationality, etc. However, this issue used to be hidden in many children’s shows.

This grumpy policeman answered that his love for meat prevents him from having a wife and children. We wonder, what kind of meat is he talking about? Can you take a guest? 

What Celebrities Eat On Their Cheat Day

Celebrities are just like us, and it’s no surprise they have strict diets between gourmet meals and exotic dishes. Of course, anyone who has been on a diet could tell you: that there’s always a favorite cheat meal. Some of the most well-known celebrities have shared their favorite cheat snacks. From savory snacks to the sweetest desserts, these celebrities have revealed what they reach for whenever it’s time to treat themselves. So let’s dive in and see what your favorite celebrities’ cheat meal cravings are. 

Karlie Kloss

Early on in her modeling career, American fashion model Karlie Kloss once could rely on her metabolism to help keep her in shape. Kloss says she was able to eat all the snacks and candies she wanted. However, she has since changed to a strict pescatarian diet. Kloss does have one particular type of candy that is too hard for her to give up. Dark chocolate takes the top spot as her number one cheat day snack. Kloss says it is even better if there’s sea salt or caramel.

Celebrities Reveal The First Roles They Ever Played

Hard work pays off! Just look at how many Hollywood stars started with a few minutes of screen time and a couple of years of hustling. We all start somewhere. Did you ever wonder what these celebrities first roles were? Let’s take a deep dive into the past of some of our favorite actors and actresses to see how it all began. While some started in television, we shall look at their first appearance on the big screen today.

Matt Damon: Mystic Pizza

This blue-eyed cutie played a minor role in the 1988 romantic comedy Mystic Pizza. It wasn’t until nine years later that acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola gave him his first big break as The Rainmaker. Later that same year, the role he co-wrote in Good Will Hunting would launch him into superstardom. The famous actor has also famously played an undercover agent in the Bourne series and, in recent years, was cast as Carroll Shelby in Ford vs. Ferrari. He designed the GT-40 that led Ken Miles to win the 1966 Le Mans. That car is now up for a 12-million-dollar auction.

Genius Granny’s Life Hacks That Will Save Your Days

Grandparents are simply the best, aren’t they? They coddle us, ensure we’re well-fed, listen to all the absurd stories, slip us money even if our parents tell them not to, and make us feel loved. Another thing that makes them so cool and lovable is their wit and wisdom in daily life. From simple logic and experience, they came up with genius ways to make life easier, and up until today, only a few things could beat those hacks. We have gathered some of those fantastic hacks for your daily problem right here. Let’s dive into them now!

Deodorize Your Own Shoes

Everyone knows that the stink from a stinky shoe can be pretty hard to eliminate. Basic washing won’t stop the smell; some DIY hacks just don’t cut it. Of course, you can also use talcum powder, but who wants to spend extra money just for that? Granny’s hack is to use salt instead. Pack salt into a little fabric bag, stick it in your shoes, and it will absorb the moisture and smell. You can also use fresh dryer sheets to mask the smell. Just make sure to take both out before you put your shoes on. 

Creative Vandalism That Will Give You A Good Laugh

Sometimes some people have funny thoughts and want to improve those standard billboards we often see on the street. While some might consider it indecent, others find it quite creative. Going against the rules is not advisable, but it is entirely understandable for people who want to add a little art or humor to their surroundings. Here are a few examples of public vandalism that will make you laugh. We’ve got some pretty funny photos, so scroll down and have a look together, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

1. A man’s face on a poster. 

You’ve probably seen pictures of people on posters with graffiti on their faces. Some might get angry, but not this man right here. He was amused to see his image with incredible extra details and shared it on Twitter. 

The man must have realized that his coolness only increased exponentially after someone drew a mustache on the photo. He can laugh about the creative vandalism instead of getting angry.

Celebrities’ Response On Social Media That Drive Their Fans Crazy

Considering celebrities are busier than most people, it’s not uncommon to think that they don’t have time to be on their phones, left alive on their social media. Well, some of the biggest stars have proved us wrong. Celebrities do have the time to be on social media — and they even take the time to leave comments on their friends’ pics or reply to their posts. It’s amusing to read the responses that stars give to someone because it shows a side of their personalities. But thanks to the “Comments by Celebs” page. We get to see the screenshot and share some of the best comments celebs leave on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Here are some examples of celebrities leaving the funniest responses on the internet!

I’ll give you a ride anytime!

Olivia Rodrigo was famous as a Disney actress, but after releasing her hit single “Driver’s License,” she became a huge global phenomenon. Nowadays, any song that Rodrigo releases becomes a hit instantly. Even Cardi B listened to the young artist’s hit debut song. Isn’t it hilarious that a 17-year-old girl has a driver’s license while Cardi B, who’s in her early thirties, still doesn’t? Luckily for her, Olivia Rodrigo is a massive fan of Cardi’s and offered to drive the rapper anywhere she wants, including McDonald’s at 4 AM.

Some of us get it better than others!

Being actors mean that you would have to age under cameras, too. So, we’re talking about junior actors who grow up to look quite different. One such example is the cast of Harry Potter, who grew up in front of the cameras. When they were kids, the entire cast was adorable. But as they grew up, some actors had it better than others. For instance, Tom Felton doesn’t look as good as he used to, so he complains about aging. But Matt Lewis disagrees — for he ended up having quite a glow-up!

Dad! Leave my post alone, please!

In our teens, we don’t want to share things with our parents — but not because we don’t trust them. Teenagers don’t want to bring their significant others home because they don’t want their parents to embarrass them. But parents don’t need us to bring someone over to embarrass us — they can do that on social media now! Judd Apatow is a hilarious comedy writer and a funny dad. So he certainly doesn’t care if his daughter will be embarrassed if he leaves comments like this one on their pics!

She is not wrong.

Living in famous cities like New York and Los Angeles means that you will get to live in the same area as celebrities. Can you imagine walking down the street for your morning jog and bumping into an A-list artist? The only downside of living around stars is that they might spot you when you’re having a worse moment. What this girl said about crying in the car and seeing Gwyneth Paltrow staring at you is true! Though it seems like Gwyneth is here for it and will give you a hug for sure!

That caption needs to be more specific!

When Justin Bieber first rose to fame, every young girl loved him. And if you ask any of those girls, they will probably tell you that they cried when the singer got married to Hailey Baldwin. Justin and Hailey are such a famous couple that everything they do becomes news. If they post a picture together, it makes it to the headlines! And that’s why Hailey Bieber kindly told her husband to change the caption, or else his fans and everyone else would misunderstand it and think they’re expecting a baby!

Sisters forever

If you have siblings, you know a fight is always going on, especially when you’re younger. But underneath all the fights and annoying each other, we all know that siblings love each other and will always be there for one another. Even though they’re two of the most famous celebs in the world, after all, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are sisters. And like any pair of sisters, they fight over tiny things. But it’s funny to see how they’re just like the rest of us in this interaction! 

The ones before their lives changed forever.

The internet is ideal for fans to keep up with their favorite Hollywood stars. And it is also a great place to recall the good old days. When Courtney Cox posted this picture on her Instagram, many fans went crazy. Even though it has been almost three decades since Friends came out, this is still one of the most famous shows. And while each actor went their own separate way after the show, they still remained friends in real life!

Cuper Cute Dogs That Could Pass As Teddy Bears

All animals on the planet are adorable when they are just tiny babies. You name it: tiger cubs, zebra foals, bear cubs, eagle chicks! They are all adorable. Dogs, our four-legged closest pals, are also high on the list. It turns out that certain canines could pass as bear cubs when they are pups. Whoever came up with the concept of producing a friendlier version of bears for people to play with and embrace, that “person” was a genius. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the quantity of sweetness on display.

A polar bear cub

When we saw this photo, we had to look at it again to be sure it wasn’t a polar bear cub and not a Samoyed puppy. The likeness between the two species is unmistakable.

And so is the amount of sweetness this dog exhibits in front of the camera. We’re not sure how someone can be this photogenic while playing, but this dog is, and he’s made us fall absolutely in love with him.

Grizzly or…?

If you can’t determine if the little guy in the photo below is a Grizzly bear cub or a puppy, we’re here to assist. Our little pal is a cross between a German Shepherd, an Akita Inu, and a Corgi.

Mixed breeds are known to create gorgeous pups, but we never imagined combining the three species above would result in a Grizzly bear look-alike pup. We adore the end outcome, and we couldn’t be happier!

Panda cub

Prepare to fall in love with a dog who looks just like a Panda. We were aware of the similarities between Chow-Chows and bears, but we had no idea they could be similar to pandas.

But now we know, and this photo makes us even more fond of Chow-Chows. They are not simply fluffy balls of fur with blue, long tongues but also loyal, lively dogs which are ideal for families with children.

The bear’s name is Wally!

Say hello to Wally! According to his owner, Wally, who is not a bear, enjoys swimming in the lake, eating berries, and his favorite food is fish cans. Wally is a pom-pom (Pomeranian), but you wouldn’t admit it, would you?

Consider getting a regular puppy and instead getting a puppy that not only looks like a bear but also does and loves precisely what bears do. This is nothing but excellent luck, in our opinion!

The word fluffy is an understatement.

If you’ve seen some fluffy doggos by now, we guarantee you’ve never seen a dog more fluffy and puffy than the puppy in the image below. Yes, you read that correctly! The doggo is a 5-6 month-old puppy.

You wouldn’t say that, would you? He appears to be a fully grown dog, yet he is not. It turns out that an adult Caucasian shepherd may grow to be 70 cm tall and weigh approximately 100kg, which explains why the puppies are so big.

Beyond words adorable

We typically reserve the best for last, but we couldn’t help but share this image with you now so you can also fall in love with this little man. This is the Chow-Chow puppy’s first experience with snow.

This is incredibly precious, and if the shot is this charming, we can only imagine how much more excellent a video of him playing in the snow would have been. We’re confident that his reaction would have warmed everyone’s heart.


We’re questioning how a puppy that isn’t even in the same room as us can win our hearts as this Pomeranian did. He resembles a teddy bear, and his puppy eyes make the photo even cuter.

Not to mention that grin. He’s such a photogenic little guy. Everything in the photograph is perfect: the background, the light edit, and the subject: his coat, adorable face, and winning smile.

How would you react?

How would you respond: Someone is knocking on your door? You open the door to see someone holding three teddy bear-like pups in their arms. What do you do, other than throw out a massive “AWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We would most likely pass out a few times. Who could ever withstand such an overload of sweetness in one sitting… much too much! Nobody! This was too much for even Tin Woodman (The Wizard of Oz), who had no heart.

Shar-pei adoration

Who knew Shar-Peis could also look like bears? It turns out that when those long-haired Shar-Peis are pups, they look just like teddy bears. We’ve never seen a Shar-pei with long hair before, but we adore it.

The Shar-pei is a friendly and dedicated dog that makes an excellent family companion, especially for families with older children. This young bear impersonator will grow up to be a wonderful dog for his human parents and siblings.

Chow-Chows in plenty

Here are two fluff balls that will most likely fulfill your sweet desires for the rest of today, tomorrow, and the whole week.

We’ve seen a lot of lovely dogs today, but these two are the cutest and fluffiest of them all. They are so smooth that they should be in a pillow or soft mattress commercial. They would be the most effective selling tools ever.

Weirdest Things That Have Ever Happened On A Plane

Flights always bring you funny stories. You may not believe your eyes in such cases. So have you ever encountered some strange cases on any flight? The following article will give you some of the weirdest things that have ever happened on a plane!

1. A good sleeping spot

Most people had to sit in one place during the long flight. However, this man has discovered a solution to make himself more comfortable. He chose the aisle right back and forth between the two rows of seats as a place to take a nap. Everyone on that flight was surprised by this action. And it looks like he slept very well while lying here.

2. A New Way of Sitting

When looking at this picture, you are probably quite surprised by this bizarre sitting champion. What is this person doing with their feet in the air? Raising your legs in the air may be an uncomfortable position for some people, but there are exceptions. However, this action may be impolite when it affects the guests sitting around.

3. Let your pet share the flight

The pet in this photo is a white parrot the girl bought from a native in the rainforests of Indonesia for about $2000. Maybe that’s why this woman held onto her expensive pet right on the flight! However, this parrot probably won’t keep quiet for long, so pets always go in a separate compartment. Hopefully, this isn’t a transatlantic flight!

4. A wild monkey

According to what science has recorded, monkeys have human-like faces. Behaviorally, there’s a lot in common: Curious creatures love to explore and investigate how things work. On a flight, a monkey suddenly appeared and was curiously observing something. Perhaps the lights and upper vents are pretty attractive. And the monkey couldn’t contain his curiosity and stood up, making the guests behind him find it interesting. 

5. Unstable legs

Anyone would be annoyed with the action in the picture. It’s impolite to rest your feet on the front seat. And maybe the girl’s flight in the image will be terrible. How much longer would she have to endure before getting out of that dreaded seat? And, unfortunately, there is such a guest in the back.

6. The bathroom is not your bedroom

Surely everyone on the flight will try to sleep right in their seat no matter how uncomfortable. However, a male passenger chose a strange sleeping place that made the flight attendant helpless. That’s the toilet, he’s probably going to the bathroom, and this is a place to relax. And easy slept soundly with his neck pillow, ignoring the place that smelled like that. Indeed, the flight attendants who encounter this case do not know what to think.

7. Workaholic much?

Modern life can get hectic, and people can’t avoid deadlines even on the fly! In this picture, you can see a man who has decided to be productive with two computers. Only a minor problem for his seatmate! The small table in front of him seemed too small, and the second computer was placed on the following table. And this is exceptionally impolite, and he makes the person sitting following uncomfortable when sitting together.

Photos of Superstars in their Not-So-Glamorous life

Many think celebrities look like they came from another world, looking luxurious and glamorous 24/7. However, no one can know how stars live after working time. These celebrities are human beings just like us, with real emotions and authentic bags under their eyes. Here are some photos of superstars in their Not-So-Glamorous life. 

1. Rihanna 

Stars are known to show a wide range of emotions when fans encounter them – and RiRi has chosen a somewhat unconventional expression to be her shock. We can’t tell precisely what scared the multi-Grammy award-winning artist, but we can see her giving her thumbs up in the photo. While fans are happy to only have a rare selfie with one of the world’s biggest superstars, Rihanna wants to get out of that position.