The Most Cringeworthy Wedding Photos You Have Ever Seen

Wedding is fun, wedding is lovely. And what better way to remember the special day with many photos? While some couples could go for traditional and tasteful styles, others could think outside the box and make their special days unique. However, these images below might want to rethink this decision. Here are some of the most cringle wedding photos that will give you a good laugh. Take a look! 

Big Love for Watermelon

This bride and groom indeed love watermelon a lot, so much that they try to include some shots of them eating some in their wedding photos. However, did anyone warn them on the inappropriate meaning behind such a shot? 

The Weird Family Portrait

What was the reason behind such an image? For most family portraits, all members will be standing or sitting down on some chairs. However, this couple doesn’t want to follow the traditional way. We could see the mom lying on the ground, some scattered alcohol bottles. If that is not enough, the awkward hand-holding and pose triumphs everything. 

No Playing with Your Food. 

Many happy couples have chosen to release doves on their special day. However, could this count as “releasing” a bird? How did anyone come up with such an idea? 

Wedding photos

Bread Lovers Unite

If you ask us what happened, we’re afraid there wouldn’t be any logical explanation for this. For once, the bride could be interpreting the famous saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Such a badly photoshopped picture like this shouldn’t appear on any wedding album, much less for the Internet to see. 

Wedding photos

Is It Time To Go Home?

The bride in this photo looked quite “happy” on the wedding day. Moreover, we don’t think the instrument guy is the groom, or not?! The empty tables and her expression look like a bad start to their new married life. 

Wedding photos

A Low Budget Pirate-Themed Wedding

Back in the day, it’s not hard to spot one or two awkward wedding photos like this one. It seemed like they were trying to bite their wedding bands at first glance. However, some might mistake that bride and groom had lost a tooth or two.

Wedding photos

Genie In A bottle? 

How much creativity does it take to take this photo? They must brainstorm the idea, then make the photographer edit it to look like a genie. With the deadpan expression, we wonder how they still want to keep this image?  

Wedding photos

A Bathtub Moment

If you rent a hotel room to get ready, there must be plenty of places to take power. So we still don’t understand why they think the bath is a good location. With all the bridesmaids cramping in one place, we wonder who gave the suggestions, and how come they agree to it?! 

Wedding photos

“Center Of Attention”

This couple must have a big love for centaurs, as they try to include such an idea into their wedding. You have a beautiful beach, and instead of a nice strolling photo, they decided to photoshop a horse onto their bodies.

Wedding photos

Challenging Gender Roles

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find a couple who want to challenge the traditional roles. They want to prove that not everything has to follow the same route. Not all women and men need to behave similarly. 

Wedding photos

The bride and groom, in this case, are doing just that, with the help of their best man and maid of honor groups. However, we could think of a few more creative ideas that prevent them from producing the final photos like this. 

The aftereffect of 4 Or 5 Cocktails Later

When the ceremony ends and the party begins, it’s the perfect time for the couple to enjoy their first dance and have fun. In this case, the bride is undoubtedly the star of the event. When the time came, she was ready for it!

Wedding photos

From the photo, we could guess that breakdancing is not what everyone expected to see. The whole crowd completely went wild. There were a lot of surprised faces in the image. 

She went there and started breakdancing to the point that everyone in the party completely lost their minds.

Unseen Photos of Celebrities Before They Became Famous

Some of us might think that celebrities are a different breed with how they dress and act. However, before they became the famous star they are today, even the hottest names looked just like us mere mortals. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the rare photos of famous stars before they became celebrities. Take a look! 

Nicole Kidman

If you don’t recognize this celebrity, we will need to have a long talk. Ever since she was young, Kidman dreamed of becoming an actress. The Australian began to take dance and drama lessons from a young age. She made her debut in an Australian adventure kids show, BMX Bandits.

Johnny Depp

Depp’s acting career started with the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). This photo also appeared during this period. We can easily spot his first tattoo, which Depp shared that he got at the age of 17. It was a ‘Cherokee Tribe’ to honor his great-grandmother’s Native American heritage.

Hayden Panettiere

Famous actress Panettiere first started in a commercial when she was just 11 months. At the age of 10, Hayden Panettiere received the nomination for the Young Artist Award. In this picture, she was already a seasoned actress at the mere age of 13.

Leonardo DiCaprio

If you’re a big movie fan, you must have seen the young DiCaprio in various TV screenplays. We have for you today a photo of the famous actor when he visited his Russian grandmother. 

Ellen DeGeneres

The big-time TV show host began her career as a comedian. In her early 20s, DeGeneres was performing stand-up comedy at small clubs. After that, she began to tour nationally in the early 1980s.

Hugh Grant

Even when he was a kid, Hugh Grant was easily recognizable. Despite being such a massive star, Grant had first declined an approach from a talent agent. He later reconsidered and agreed to try acting. The rest, like what they say, is history. 

Vin Diesel

The famous Hollywood shaved head man, Diesel, has a photo from the past that will shock many people. In his senior-class yearbook taken in 1985, he was spotted with a full head of hair. Diesel struggled when he started acting but hit it big when he produced and starred in Multi-Facial (1995). 

Jodie Foster

The Academy Award actress has begun her career at the age of 3. Notably, her breakthrough role was Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (1976). Here we have a beautiful shot of the young Foster in 1979, right before she started studying at Yale. 

Sean Connery

Surprisingly, Connery was a bodybuilder in the 1950s. In a bodybuilding competition in 1953, the Scottish actor tried his luck and auditioned for South Pacific. He landed a small part and had never looked back since then. 

Hillary Clinton

Even before her time as the First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton studied at Wellesley College. In 2017, she returned to deliver a commencement speech as a presidential nominee. 

Freddie Mercury

The famous Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury seems normal on his schoolboy day. From what many learned, he was a shy boy and felt self-conscious due to his teeth. However, Freddie decided not to fix them. He stated that they play an essential role in his unique vocal “range.” 

Tom Hanks

Aw… look at this adorable boy! Who would have thought he would turn out to be one of the most popular actors worldwide? Back in the day, Hanks shared that he was a geeky but good kid. He did participate in some school plays and later dropped out when he hit college to work as a full-time intern at the theater festival. 

Zac Efron

Here we have a photo of a 15-year-old Zac Efron and his crimped hair. It seemed like the Disney star didn’t keep the hairstyle long after becoming a successful teen actor. So far, Zac Efron has overturned his bubbly image and taken on various acting roles. 

Emma Stone

The young Emma Stone had a bad habit of persistent thumb sucking, which resulted in her having an overbite. Luckily, she was able to fix it, thanks to dental braces. 

Katy Perry

Can you recognize the famous Katy Perry in this photo? This image was taken on her first tour in 2001 when she was 17. At the time, the renowned singer was using the name Katy Hudson. Before transforming into a more secular style, Perry mainly focused on gospel music. 

Beyoncé Knowles

Yes, we are talking about Queen Bey. We have today a photo of a cute 10-year-old Beyoncé. It was her second year after joining Girl’s Tyme, later known as Destiny’s Child.

Christian Bale

Before becoming Batman, young Christian Bale was rocking a 1990s-appropriate haircut. At that time, he had already scored a role in Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun (1987). 

Morgan Freeman

The Academy Award actor began his acting career in the 1970s, starting with the successful children’s program The Electric Company. Among his appearances in the show, he acted as a hipster, a DJ, Dracula, and a vegetarian vampire. 

Barack Obama

Ahead of his political involvement, Barack Obama studied at the Los Angeles Occidental College. Interestingly, he stated that he picked the school because he liked a student there. 

Taylor Swift

The famous star began her music career at an early age, writing songs and playing guitar. At 14, her family moved to Nashville to fulfill her dream of becoming a country singer. In a recently surfaced yearbook picture, we could hardly recognize her. 

Dolly Parton

American music legend Dolly Parton was working as a songwriter before releasing her first album. In the photo taken in 1965, she still looks as amazing as ever. Moreover, Parton has received various prestigious. She made the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999.

Robert De Niro

Take a look at this cutie! Who would have thought he would one day become one of Hollywood’s greatest actors? He began acting when he was 10 in a school play adaptation of Wizard of Oz. His first professional acting role was for The Wedding Party (1969). 

Angelina Jolie

The Eternals actress debuted when she was 5 with her father in Lookin’ to Get Out. When she grew up, Jolie had a hard time auditioning for roles as she was deemed “too dark.” This photo came from the 1990s when she was working as a part-time model.

Ewan McGregor

In this photo, McGregor was voted the Best Senior Instrumentalist in his school days, and he celebrated it with his French horn. The Scottish actor hit it big with his role in Moulin Rouge and Star Wars. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger was a successful bodybuilder before he started acting. Here we have a photo of a wide-eyed Arnold Schwarzenegger on his trip to New York back in 1968. He was also the youngest person ever to win the Mr. Olympia competition. The Austrian-born actor rose to stardom with various movie productions and even became Governor of California. 


These People Clearly Don’t Look Their Age

Many of us must have come across someone that doesn’t look their age once in our life, don’t we? While it could benefit some people who look younger than their actual age, it could sometimes be a curse. Here are some unique cases of people who don’t look their age that will blow your mind! 

40 or Fourth Grade

Most people will age wisely, but not this nine-year-old girl below. Do you think, in this case, mother nature was trying to play a trick on us? One cheeky husband has shared the photo online, saying that his wife was “a 40-year-old receptionist in 4th grade.” 

40 or Fourth Grade

Too Young for Your Profession 

While women find joy in aging slower than their friends, they expect the process to start after their 30. In here, we have a girl who doesn’t look like she wants any of that. In the picture, there is a professional journalist who was in her mid-20. She is posing right next to her senior colleague, can you believe that? Some of us might even think that she was an intern if we didn’t see her ID.

Too Young for Your Profession 

An Absolutely Geriatric Baby

According to various research, most babies tend to gain between 1.5 to 2 pounds monthly. Furthermore, we should expect to see an increase of 2 to 3 inches. None of us will expect our baby to look like an older man by the time they hit three months, won’t we? Yet, the photo of this infant will shock you. Everyone who came across this image has wondered how could such a thing happen. Where did these wrinkles come from?

An Absolutely Geriatric Baby

Wise Beyond Her Years

Age is just a number, but this logic won’t be appliable for this image. We could describe it as a seven-year-old girl posing for her school yearbook at first glance. However, the internet said this is a picture of a 55-year-old woman, judging by the mature vibe and a combo of hair, makeup, accessories, and sequins. Worried not, she is indeed just a seven-year-old girl. 

Wise Beyond Her Years

The 1980s Was Just Full of Elderly Kids

It’s hard not to mention Nintendo when we talked about the mid-80s. From a tiny Game Boy to a whole TV screen experience was such a significant thing. Here we have a photo of one boy posing with his birthday present. Did you notice anything? Now, try to imagine his head and an older man’s body; would it fit perfectly? 

The 1980s Was Just Full of Elderly Kids

A Mix between Youthful and Old

When this mugshot hit the internet, it caused a heated debate. Are they young or old? A man or a boy? Or even a young girl or woman? Why do we see all of this just in one silly picture? The identity of this man remained a secret up until now. 

Is Rapid Aging Her Talent? 

After the birthday pic and mugshot, let’s move on to the graduation portrait. A 30-year-old mom came across this gem when she was searching for evidence of her look. In this image, we could see that she did look like she was 30 at the mere age of 13. Not even high school, but middle school. How crazy is that? 

Did You Retake Many Years? 

In this yearbook, try to spot the imposter! Among the 8th-grade boys and girls, we suddenly see a fully grown man. The kid must have the genes for an impressive beard and doesn’t do well with shaving, perhaps. 

High Schooler Or a Middle-Aged Dad

Is this a friend of the guy above? A grown-up man has shared this image with a bit of backstory: “This is why I never had a girlfriend in high school. I looked 35 when I was 14.” Do you agree with what he said? 

Timing Is Everything

A teenager shared this photo online with the caption: “Me at 14 looking 40.” While many might think it was a joke, he stressed that he took this picture in real-time with no filter. Some suggested that gravity could play a part in this, as they often make our faces jiggle around and create an illusion. 

Middle Schooler or the Moms

Have you heard of the sentence “It’s not how old you are; It’s how you are old.” Keep that in mind when you take a look at this photo. Could you believe that this is a middle schooler? The hair, feathers, earrings, and even makeup are pretty mature. It’s time to put this child into the outfit that she deserves. 

A Confusing Childhood Photo

Who doesn’t have an ugly duckling phase growing up? But this guy took his to another level. This guy right here showed us a picture when he was 10 in a silly wig. However, his friend said that “I thought it was your mother.” Ouch! 

22 Going on 12

When you already passed the 20 marks, and yet someone still thinks you’re in your preteens, it sucks. A user shared this photo online with a caption: “My sister is 22 Going On 12.” Going in a bar when looking like that, you bet the bartender will ask for her ID every time. 

Missing Hair at an Early Age 

For most men, a sign that they are getting older is losing hair. In many cases, baldness could even happen at a young age due to genetics and hormones. In the picture, here is another rare situation. A user uploaded this photo of his dad, saying, “My dad started balding at around 17 lol.”

This Body Builder Is Absolute of Age

Aside from looking much older or younger than their age, someone even managed to look both ways at the same time. For example, this gym jock right here. He achieved the impossible: an older body and even a decade younger face.

Genetics Influences

This woman right here had an explanation for staying the same from her 12 to 30: genetic. While many depend on the magic of skincare and makeup, she seemed to hit the jackpot. 

19-Year-Old Teen Fathers

If you looked at some pictures decades ago, the past generations tend to be more mature. It could be because they married early or started to handle the economic responsibility sooner than us. Some even had kids before turning 30. Here we have a photo of a father at the age of 19, looking quite mature. 

Granny Sweaters Effect

If a bad haircut or makeup doesn’t make us look younger, your wardrobe choice would also play up the part. A woman has shared this image online, showing her old lady sweaters. That and the manageable hairdo plus pearls ended her childhood quite quickly. 

This Baby-Faced Teacher is The Worst

In many countries, respect for elders is a must. However, with a face like this, how do we command such a thing? When a TV crew approached a table with six students, they caught on to the highest one and gave him some questions. In the end, it turns out he the guy was one of the teachers of the school. 

Big Beards Are Age Camouflage

While women are wary of beards, man is using them for another reason. How old do you think this particular guy is, 30 to 40? Wrong! The answer is 18, merely a senior in high school. Perhaps shaving will do him some good in this situation. 

A Preteen or a Chic Lady

While others spent a long time finding our signature style, it seemed like this one girl had her goal figured out. She skipped through the standard preppy, sporty, or even goth and hipster. Instead, the twelve-year-old jumped right into a wealthy lady who was on a Beverly Hills shopping trip.

The ’30s Teen Looks Pretty Mature 

As girls used to get married at the age of 18 back in the day or even sooner, they tend to look more mature than the rest. A user online uploaded this image of her granny taken in 1935. She did seem very mature at only 14. As there’s no further proof, we’re going to take her word for it. 

The Fountain of Youth

Most women dream of a fabulous fifty, don’t we? While we have changed over time, the chances are that some of us won’t. In this photo, she didn’t age much. Can this be a result of generic? Or is this a daughter posing in front of her mother’s party? 

People Who Got Called Out For Their Ridiculous Posts Online

While some people share a post on social media for fun, others take it up a notch. One way or another, we could sometimes scroll past a status update with a ridiculous story. Sure, it could be an honest mistake. However, there’s a chance it could be a wicked way to get everyone’s attention. And how will you deal with it? Will you shrug and let it go, or call them out like these geniuses below?!

Do It for the Gram, or Not!

After many years of social media, it’s not hard to see a try-hard case whenever we check our newsfeed. Have you ever come across the famous phrase: “Do it for the gram?” 


While there are people who genuinely follow this motto, others are not. In this case, the woman shared a post about her hike, only for her sister to step in and claim that she was ‘just’ posing. Nice try, but not today! 

No Misinformation

While we do enjoy reading stories that others share online, spreading misinformation is a big No. This person took to social and excitedly posted a story about a disgruntled worker who damaged his boss’s expensive car. However, they didn’t expect to have someone calling their lies out so fast. Just one quick search, and the truth is out: this was just a commercial for a car insurance company. 


Inspiring or Mediocre Fiction?

The average number of social media users has reached the marks of billions over the years. Among them, there have been many good things that happen when millions of folks come together for a good deed. As long as it’s for a good cause, then nothing is harmful. 


However, someone might take advantage of this and create a story with a shocking effect just for the likes and shares. In this case, they posted about a million people who chose to abandon their cars and force the government to lower the original gas price. Prediction? Total fiction! 

This “Before and After” Post

Who doesn’t love to see a nice “before and after” type of post? From the cinematic scene of Cinderella to The Princess Diaries, we can’t get enough! Most people root for this character development arch, from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. 


And so does this woman. However, when she shared the “before and after,” many have pointed out that it was underwhelming. Would someone like her be called “ugly” in middle school? Not in our eyes, at least! We shouldn’t say that in the first place! 

Chris O’Dowd and His Irish Characters

With their two-way interaction, social media serves as an excellent tool for a celebrity to get closer to their fans. Moreover, they could easily oversee what their fan community is talking about; and even jump in to set the record straight if needed. 

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tullberg/Twitter/Irishmirror

For Chris O’Dowd, he understood the assignment correctly. When someone shared this incorrectly quoted on social media, The IT Crowd actor was quick to rectify. He stressed that no, Chris O’Dowd doesn’t only want to play Irish characters. Take that! 

Attention Seeker Much?

Many could have been fooled, but it would immediately fade out if someone called out a fake post. This user had shared the story with Reddit and attracted the attention of many users. Dozens of people have comments and were impressed by his photo.

However, another Reddit user quickly pointed out that the woman was wearing a Fitbit, something we could not find at the time in the picture. Unless she is a time traveler, or OP is a big-time liar. What is your verdict on this photo? 

Less is More

Nowadays, misinformation tends to travel much faster than confirmed news. In this case, one guy tweeted out that they finally learned what NEWS stands for: ‘notable events, weather, and sports.’ Their post gathered thousands of retweets and likes in such a short time. 

But how many take the time to fact-check this before spreading this to others? None, perhaps. Because the Merriam-Webster dictionary jumped in and left a short but powerful answer “NO”. Again, while the response got many reactions, the damage was done.

Establishment Owner Claps Back at a Malicious Review

Whenever we want to visit a place, reading a review is a MUST. We could learn more about the establishments and services in this way. However, things took a wrong turn when people tried to leave negative reviews on some businesses. 


In this situation, an establishment owner has fought back at an unfair review at his restaurant. Not only did it make an entertaining story, but it’s also good to see an explanation on both sides. Would you perhaps do the same if you were the owner in this case? 

One Post at a Time

Sometimes, people will use a white lie to attract attention to their posts. Once someone calls them out, they just drop it and move on. However, some wrong actions could bring heavy consequences, especially in this case.

With a simple photo and the tag “inconsiderate youths,” they create a place where others could criticize young people today. Only until somebody points out the empty chair, then the argument dies down. However, he already created enough damage. 

Don’t Add Family on Social Media

While we could befriend many on social media, family members are another case. How many times in life have we seen such a funny story where one’s family exposes their lie online? 


In this situation, the guy’s mom quickly pointed out his lies on the profile. Perhaps next time you want to rant and lie about your problem, make sure you block your mother first. 

A Serial Liar

Lying all the time must be a talent, and this girl must be on the master list. It’s hard to keep up with the series of lies he had to create, and even remember who you told it to is also a big challenge.

The 15-year-old Redditor was looking for advice on what she could do after ditching school. However, a scroll through their account revealed that they had played the role of a 17-year-old father-to-be before. 

Can this get any more embarrassing? 

As we mentioned above, misinformation travels fast and far easier. Moreover, once you are caught, the embarrassing moment will live on forever on the internet. 


Not only that, it was a celebrity – in this case -Brie Larson who came out and squashed the lie. Imagine trying to report something untrue about the star, and she hit you with straight facts right away. Yikes! 

John Carpenter Called Out Rotten Tomatoes

When the reviewing website shared a story about John Carpenter, with the sentence “would have been 70 years old today,” many have raised eyebrows. He’s alive, so why are you talking like he’s passed away.

Fortunately, Carpenter took it like a champ and proved that he’s the master of humor. He replied to the tweet, saying, “despite how it appears, I’m not actually dead.” Oops, intern mistake? 

Celebrity Couples With Extreme Height Differences

It’s hard not to steal a look when you pass by a couple with a significant height difference. Moreover, sometimes we also spot some celebrity couples that differ in height. From Miley Cyrus to the infamous Kim Kardashian, here are some of the most popular pairs that possess such a difference. 

La La Anthony (5’6″)/Carmelo Anthony (6’8″)

The first couple is the famous best-selling author La La Anthony and her husband, NBA player, Carmelo Anthony. They announced their relationship in 2004 and got married six years later. 

celebrity couples La La Anthony (5'6″)/Carmelo Anthony (6'8″)

VH1 aired their wedding as a special program dubbed La La’s Full Court Wedding. Moreover, they also started in a series with the name La La’s Full Court Life. The couple separated in 2017. 

Wladimir Klitschko (6’6″)/ Hayden Panettiere (5ft)

At five feet tall, Panettiere looked tiny when she appeared with her ex-boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko. As he is a boxer, height played an essential role in his career. 

celebrity couples Wladimir Klitschko (6’6″)/ Hayden Panettiere (5ft)

They met through a mutual friend’s book launch when she was 19. In 2009, they announced the relationship but split in 2011. Two years later, they reconciled and engaged in 2013. However, things didn’t last long as they separated after five years. 

Shaquille O’Neal (7’1″)/ Laticia Rolle (5’6″)

Standing at 7’1″, Shaquille O’Neal is a giant, towering over every human being. In his previous relationship with Laticia Rolle, the pair made quite a scene in public. 

celebrity couples Shaquille O'Neal (7'1″)/ Laticia Rolle (5'6″)
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TNT

The pair had been together for four years (2014-2018). Their romance was short live when they broke up and began seeing other people. Their big height difference is hard to forget. 

Kim Kardashian (5’3″)/ Kris Humphries (6’9″) 

Before tying the knot with Kanye West (or Ye), Kim has a short marriage with Kris Humphries. Their relationship was a big focus on her family reality show Keeping up with the Kardashian. 

celebrity couples Kim Kardashian (5'3″)/ Kris Humphries (6'9″) 

Due to her family’s hatred for the basketball player, they married and quickly separated after 72 days. Kim is now married with four children, thought words going around mentioning another upcoming divorce.

Chris Bosh (6’11”)/ Adrienne Williams (4’11”)

Yet another NBA name appears on our list. The former Miami Heat player stands tall at 6’11”, two feet taller than his spouse Adrienne. 

celebrity couples Chris Bosh (6'11")/ Adrienne Williams (4'11")
Kris Connor/Getty Images for Mr. Nice Tie

Even when she wore her highest pair of heels, Bosh still looked like a giant. Their relation began when mutual friends set them up. 

Jason Momoa (6’4″)/ Lisa Bonet (5’2″) 

The Aquaman actor is famous for his massive build, so the image between him and his 5’2″ wife made an interesting picture. Momoa is 12 years younger than her.

Jason Momoa (6'4″)/ Lisa Bonet (5'2″) 

He shared that after seeing her on The Cosby Show, he developed a crush for her. At the time, Momoa was only eight years old. The pair tied the knots in 2017. 

Will Smith (6’3″)/ Jada Pinkett Smith (5’1″)

With his height of 6’3″, Will Smith always stood out in the cast of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show. In comparison, he’s 14 inches taller than his partner Jada Pinkett Smith. 

Will Smith (6'3″)/ Jada Pinkett Smith (5'1″)

In a recent interview, they have shared many secrets and struggles in their relationship. You can see the episodes on the Facebook series “Red Table Talk.”

Lebron James (6’6″)/ Savannah Brinson (5’7″)

At 6’6″, Lebron James impressed everyone, not by his height but also his fantastic performance in basketball. The living legend married his high school sweetheart in 2013. 

Lebron James (6'6″)/ Savannah Brinson (5'7″)

Jessica Simpson (5’3″)/ Eric Johnson (6’3″)

Jessica Simpson got married to her husband, Eric Johnson, in 2014. Their height difference doesn’t seem to be a problem for the couple so far. 

Jessica Simpson (5'3″)/ Eric Johnson (6'3″)

Simpson now has three children. You can catch a look at their envy-worthy life on various social media like Instagram. 

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (6’8″)/ Kelsey Henson (5’2″)

If you have seen Game Of Thrones, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson played the role of “The Mountain.” Hailing from Iceland, the Vikings descendent is also dubbed the world’s strongest man.

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (6'8″)/ Kelsey Henson (5'2″)
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

His wife, Kelsey Henson, looks tiny in comparison. Despite the height difference, they have a steady relationship. Meeting at a bar Kelsey worked at in Canada, the romance quickly blossomed. 

Mary-Kate Olsen (5’2″)/ Olivier Sarkozy (6’3″)

After retiring from the acting world, the Olsen twins put their eyes on the fashion industry. When Mary-Kate Olsen announced her relationship with Olivier Sarkozy, they made headlines everywhere. 

Mary-Kate Olsen (5’2″)/ Olivier Sarkozy (6’3″)
Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Aside from the height differences, they also have a significant age difference. While they did try to make the relationship work, the couple filed for divorce in 2020. Let’s move on to the next celebrity couples!

Miley Cyrus (5’5″)/ Liam Hemsworth (6’3″)

Meeting at her The Last Song set, Miley Cyrus quickly fell in love with the young Hemsworth. Their romance was a roller coaster from beginning till end. 

celebrity couples: Miley Cyrus (5’5″)/ Liam Hemsworth (6’3″)

After many on and off, they announced their marriage in 2018. However, the pair divorced in 2020. Cyrus and Hemsworth listed differences in lifestyles as the reason for their separation. 

Prince William (6’3″)/ Kate Middleton (5’7″)

When Kate Middleton walked down the aisle, millions have tuned in to watch the historic moment. The only royal pair in our celebrity couples list first announced their romance back in 2020. 

Prince William (6'3″)/ Kate Middleton (5'7″)

Over the past few years, the couple and the English royal family have made headlines many times. However, a part of it was due to the ongoing problems with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

Channing Tatum (6ft)/ Jenna Dewan (5’2″)

One of the most famous Hollywood couples was Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. Ever since meeting on the set of Step Up, many have watched their romance develop. 

celebrity couples

After the movie, they quickly entered a relationship and got married three years after. However, they divorced in 2018, sharing custody of their only daughter. 

Daniel Radcliffe (5’4″) & Erin Darke (5’6″)

Different from the celebrity couples above, it was Daniel Radcliffe, who is shorter than his girlfriend. The Harry Potter star and Erin Darke have flown under the radar throughout their eight-year relationship. 

celebrity couples

Kristen Stewart (5’5″)/ Robert Pattinson (6’1″)

The famous Twilight co-star hit it off after starting as lovers in the movie franchise. At the time, many was cheering for them due to their successful roles as lovers in the film.

celebrity couples

Despite having many fans, they eventually broke up in 2012 after a cheating scandal. They did try to get back once, but eventually announced that they are over in 2013.

Unusual Photos We Couldn’t Believe Are Not Photoshopped

Once in a while, we briefly see an image online but then have to do a double-take to see if it’s real or not. Here is our list of the most unusual photos we think could be photoshopped at first glance. It could be a coincidence, weird angles, or perhaps some paranormal activities. Overall, you will feel amazed and mortified at the same time. 

Pool with extreme depths

At first glance, many will say this is a photoshopped picture. We couldn’t see where the water ends; it looks like an infinity pool. The place is Nemo 33 – an indoor pool located in Brussels. 


It is 33 meters (108 feet) deep and has the title of The Deepest Indoor Pool on record. If you don’t fear extreme water depths, plan a trip and try it out. 

Unusuals Crystal Quartz 

What do you think when you first look at this photo? We could mistake those black specks for some spiders that got fossilized after a long time. However, the truth is far from it. 


There is no ‘spiders infested’ situation here. From what we learnt, the rock has ‘Mannardite phantoms,’ which cause the black spots to appear inside these kinds of quartz. Beautiful, but creepy nevertheless! 

These weird-looking Cabbage Patch 

Looking at the photo, we don’t know how something like this could happen. Does it look like a bunch of alien eggs that we often see in many sci-fi movies? 


However, take a closer look, and the whole cabbages field will appear. The only question remains is that what happened to them? Did anyone forget that they have grown a whole bunch and let them rot away? 

Mad Pomegranate 

Plants can also be creepy, especially in this case. This pomegranate reminds us about the creepy jack-o’-lantern that only surfaces when Halloween arrives. 


Its white seeds weirdly line up in such a weird order representing human teeth. Would you look at any pomegranate the same way again after this image? 

Baby Twins Shadow 

If you’re someone who prefers a good shadow puppets trick, perhaps this will come in handy. While you don’t create them by hand, everyone will be amazed or speechless. 


Nevertheless, make sure you don’t show it to little kids. They might be a nightmare to forget, as the image could be quite disturbing. Another interesting part of this photo is that they look too ‘real’ with all the details. 

These Spiral Staircase 

If you are a big fan of unusual architectural buildings, add the Taihang Mountains of China to your travel bucket list. The 300-feet spiraling steps will make an exciting adventure for those who are brave enough. 


Why would anyone build such a crazy-looking structure, we wonder. The stairs just run endlessly, and it doesn’t seem safe either. There are only small bars that connect to the mountain. 

The Sea could be your Worst Nightmare!

Have you ever heard of the biblical story of a man who was swallowed alive by a whale? It could be more realistic than you think. The boat looks even smaller when it sails in the dark grayish-green ocean in this image.


The massive whale swimming just below the water captures our attention the most. While it could be harmless, the sheer size will terrify anyone who dares come closer. A swift of its tail could take down the boat quickly. 

Whale Mermaid

We have come across many stories about mermaids, haven’t we? Many could argue about its existence for days. However, one of the things we could agree on is that the traditional mermaid sure looks like this beluga whale.


Thes creature looks magnificent with its human-like legs, which many could mistake for mermaids. Perhaps someone has seen a few beluga whales and made up the story about a magical being in the Sea. What do you think?

The Winter Ghost

Many people dub winter the magic season, with all the beautiful snow and icicles creating magnificent views. Your first instinct would be to rust out and make snowman or snow angels whenever the snow falls, wouldn’t you? 


However, be careful of this icicle’s ghost that could be lurking at the corner. Imagine seeing this at night! Not only did it have a creepy shape, but the yellowish-brown color also makes a disturbing combo. 

The Eagle Eye

Is this an actual animal we are seeing? Not just a 3D image or a super realistic painting? This is a 100 percent actual image of a harpy eagle. Moreover, it is also the largest eagle in the world. 


The creature makes a magnificent view with a massive wingspan of over 7 feet. It also looks threatening at first due to its regal and human-like eyes. 

This is Normal 

If there is no title, people will immediately raise many questions when they see this photo. How come countless small skeletons appeared within one body? 


This is why context is essential. While it looks incredible, this is an everyday occurrence. The whole x-ray might make it look creepy at first, but the puppies are safe and sound. 

When the Birds Covered the Sky

These scenes usually appear in many thriller movies, like The Birds (1960s). At one point, all people can see when they look up to the sky in Rome is a blanket of blackbirds. 


From afar, they remind us a lot of a mosquito infestation. People were quick to find shelter in their cars. While one bird flying is normal, can you imagine a massive block of them swarming around? Scary!