The Most Relatable Cat Memes on the Internet

Who doesn’t love a good cat meme once in a while? Aside from the silly pictures, we tend to see on the internet, sometimes they could be downright relatable. These cats are hitting so close to home, from trying to get in shape to acting normal right when meeting your crush! 

It’s on Like Kitty Kong

Sometimes in life, you end up with a grumpy cat. They seem to be angry constantly and could make the perfect hunter in the wild. However, their cuteness cancels out the scary factor quickly. 

Now, this cat right here is giving its owner’s new pet some attitude. What will it do to the new friend, we wonder?! 

A Big Problem 

Have you ever been in this situation? Going out seems like a big hassle after spending most of our time indoors this year. There’s no greater feeling than receiving a cancellation notification for an outing. 

How to Capture the Cat

We bet you have seen an image like this once or twice online. It can’t be more relatable for those who have a pet cat. 

Even when we try to provide them with the fanciest toys, the cardboard boxes get all of their attention. As a result, they made an excellent cat trap when you want to capture your cat. 

Stay Committed to the Job

We are not strangers to overtime, and so is this cat! Even though our feline friends mostly spend their time indoors, they are more active than you think. 

This cute cat boss right here is serious about his business. We will stay late if it says we need to stay back to catch the red dot. 

What’d Mew Said?

All couples must run into this situation before. After all, relations are full of ups and downs. On the other hand, we can’t ignore the satisfaction of having the last word whenever we argue. 

However, your partner might not be convinced to end it there. You could easily catch them mumbling something under their breath. We think this photo right here perfectly describes your reaction to that. 

Need some motivation? 

We all see cats as an elegant and confident type, but they couldn’t be born with it. So how did they build such an image? This photo right here will give you the answer! 

An owner shared this hilarious cat meme online, showing their pet in the middle of a pep talk. Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from this cute cat.  

Try to Play it Cool

Placing our hands in pockets and staring at the void might have become standard for many people. We could be thinking about deep stuff or just wondering what to have for lunch tomorrow. 

The original Grumpy Cat 

This meme is perhaps one of the most popular cat memes all over the internet. What can we say about this? While many enjoy being out and partying, there is also someone who wants a quiet night in. 

Is Our Your Resume That Boring?

Cats nap all the time, from morning till night. They could even sleep up to 16 hours per day in some cases. What a dream for every human! 

The joke here is that they tend to nap at the weirdest places. It’s not hard to see a story where an owner finds their pet sleeping on a pile of papers, clothing, or in this case, your resume.