LeBron James’ 71YO Critic Stands Firm Against Charles Barkley’s Disturbing Behavior

Charles Barkley, the NBA’s affable Sir Charles, is generally known for his laid-back demeanor and easygoing nature. While strongly upholding his beliefs and values, he rarely resorts to aggression. However, another one has managed to ignite a deep and unyielding hatred within Barkley, leading him to express unsettling sentiments on multiple occasions.

Charles Barkley’s disdain for this 71-year-old columnist surpasses any other irritation he has encountered. Notoriously recognized as a fervent critic of LeBron James, the co-host of UNDISPUTED has openly shared his distress caused by Barkley’s relentless barrage of negative remarks directed towards him. After enduring years of such treatment, he finally warned Barkley, stating that he would no longer tolerate the attacks, which took a toll on him.