The 27 Funniest Beach Photos

When you think of the beach, you usually have sand, sun, sea, surfing, sunbathing, or sandcastles in mind. However, these funny beach pictures show that there can be completely different things going on at the beach. We’ve collected the funniest images and can’t wait to share them with you! Read below now!

Face slapper

The lady in blue seems to be too busy with herself that she doesn’t even notice what kind of shenanigans her friend is up to behind her. She must have slipped because, in this picture, she falls face-first straight into the sand.

The 27 funniest beach pictures (Some of which go too far)

Ouch! Even though we can imagine that you wouldn’t want to be photographed like that, it’s still a hilarious picture.

Restaurant rules

This restaurant cares about the safety of its visitors but also wants everyone to pay their bills dutifully. This funny sign points out three steps to follow in case of flooding: 1. stay calm, 2. pay up, and 3. run for it. After all, a wave doesn’t pay your bill…

Restaurant rules

However, it does give us a little pause for thought. How often does this restaurant have to deal with tidal waves? And who comes up with a sign like that, please? Speaking of confusing precautions…