Gervonta Davis: The Story Behind His Jail Sentence

Following his fight with Ryan Garcia on April 22nd, Gervonta Davis managed to avoid imprisonment as Judge Althea M Handy sentenced him to 90 days of home arrest, along with three years of probation. However, according to recent updates, Gervonta Davis will now be serving the remaining duration of his sentence behind bars. In 2020, Gervonta Davis was driving a Lamborghini Urus SUV with two passengers when he ran a red light. He then collided with a 2004 Toyota Solara, as confirmed by eyewitnesses.

We found out later Davis had been driving with a revoked license on the night of the accident. In addition to causing property damage, the collision resulted in injuries to a pregnant woman named Jayir Smith. According to Smith’s account, Davis “gathered his belongings and left” while she pleaded for assistance after the incident. Smith’s statements prompted Judge Melissa M Phinn to deny Davis a sentence of “60 days of unsupervised home confinement.” However, within a mere two weeks following his fight against Garcia, Davis was sentenced to three months of house arrest.