Les personnages de Harry Potter réimaginés dans la vraie vie grâce à l’IA

Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé si les personnages des films Harry Potter ressembleraient à ce que vous aviez imaginé ? Les adaptations cinématographiques ont-elles su capturer l’essence de chaque personnage ? Avec l’aide de l’I.A., nous examinons 35 des personnages les plus populaires pour voir si Hollywood a réussi ou s’il s’agit simplement d’un charme de Confundus.

Popular Harry Potter series Character Built by AI technology

Who wouldn’t know the ultra-famous franchise, Harry Potter? There’s even a fan base called Potterhead worldwide with millions of followers. Characters have made their mark in movies and books – if you’ve read and watched the movie, you know there’s a difference between the two. However, due to time constraints, when filming, it was necessary to cut a few scenes but still keep the original content in the book. Have you ever thought about what your favorite characters in the movie will look like through AI technology? Follow the article below, and you will be surprised by the images below. Let’s watch it together!

1. Lord Voldemort

You all know that the greatest villain in this movie is Lord Voldemort. Harry’s nemesis, with a face without facial hair, a nose, and no hair. And this is a bad guy. He has only one goal killing Harry Potter. This version of Lord Voldemort is fantastic because it proves how evil he is and how he has carried out his duties. We may have nightmares tonight and may have to turn on the lights while sleeping.