Top 10 Hilarious Photos of Bollywood Celebrities

The beauty and joy of the world are due to such characters who make others laugh. Today, we collected a list of the top hilarious images of your favorite Bollywood celebrities. Mind-blowing and amusing, you won’t be able to stop your laughter after watching. Enjoy!

1. People were so focused on producing men’s thongs that they neglected to make them any shirts. But, hey, Anil Kapoor has you covered!

2. This image is, well, bangin’!

3. Indeed there are less obnoxious methods to test your video, Vindoo.

4. We’re not sure which is more outrageous: his position, his clothes, or the expression in his eyes.

5. This much tinfoil would have kept my meal warm all day.

6. Of course, nothing screams “born again” like a pregnant man playing with a ball tucked under his shirt.

7. Speaking of eating healthy, Madhuri was even WEARING healthy at the time.

8. Thank God for that well-placed hand.

9. Yet another indecent stance, with a nasty glare in the eye. Oh, how will we withstand their enticements!

10. Is that a jewel-encrusted marine monster on her hat?