Jeff Bezos Spent $42 Million to Build A Giant 10,000-Year Clock

At last, the installation process has commenced for Jeff Bezos’ ambitious 10,000-year clock project. The Amazon CEO has made a significant investment of $42 million into this extraordinary endeavor, including the clock itself and a hollowed-out mountain in Texas. This location is intended to serve a dual purpose, as it will also become a spaceport for Bezos’ aerospace company, Blue Origin. The true origin of this remarkable concept can be traced back to Danny Hillis, who first proposed the idea of a 10,000-year clock in a 1995 article for Wired magazine.

Hillis envisioned the clock as a means to stimulate thoughtful consideration about humanity’s and our planet’s long-term future. Over time, this idea evolved into the Clock of the Long Now, a project undertaken by the Long Now Foundation, which Hillis co-founded. The foundation aims to create a fully functional version of the proposed clock.

As work on this extraordinary timepiece progresses, the Clock of the Long Now symbolizes a commitment to long-term thinking. It emphasizes the need for humanity to consider the future consequences of its actions. Once completed, this monumental clock will stand as a testament to human innovation and our dedication to preserving the planet for countless generations.

The group has already constructed a few prototypes; however, the clock designed by Hillis and funded by Bezos will be the first to operate on a grand scale. Over the past few years, the team has diligently worked on machining the necessary components and carving through the mountain to house these intricate parts. Bezos recently announced in a tweet that the installation process for the unique 500-foot-tall mechanism has now officially begun.

As stated on the website dedicated to Bezos’ 10,000-year clock, it is anticipated that visitors will have the opportunity to admire the completed masterpiece in person. However, it is worth noting that reaching the site will be quite an adventure. The closest airport is several hours away by car, and the journey to the clock will involve traversing a rugged foot trail that ascends nearly 2,000 feet above the valley floor. Despite these challenges, the awe-inspiring timepiece promises to be a unique and thought-provoking attraction that will undoubtedly draw curious visitors from near and far.