Heartwarming 35-Year Photo Tradition Between Father and Daughter Will Melt Your Heart

In 1980, Hua Yunqing and his daughter Huahua began a heartwarming family tradition that lasted for over four decades. For more than forty years, Hua Yunqing and his daughter Huahua have faithfully upheld their annual family tradition of taking a photo at the exact same spot by a picturesque lake in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. Without fail, the two of them have returned to that special location year after year, capturing the passage of time in a series of heartwarming photographs.

The collection of several photos is a beautiful testament to the passage of time, as it documents Huahua’s growth into adulthood, her father’s aging, and the evolving scenery around them. The tradition has been upheld without fail for over four decades, with the exception of one year, 1998, when Huahua was unable to join the family for the annual holiday photo.