The Best “It Ain’t Stupid If It Works” Tricks on the Internet

There is always a chance to run into some problems in our everyday lives. While others try to deal with them with complicated solutions, others approach the citation with a different mindset: if life gives you lemons, make lemonade! For some issues, fixing them might require more than a tool and some duct tape. Found a stain on your shirt that couldn’t be washed out? Why not make a new design? Crying when cutting an onion, use swimming goggles! Remember, if it works, then it ain’t stupid! Here are all the incredible tricks you might want to save for future use! 

Fake Windows For All Day Lighting 

When this guy moved into his apartment, having a basement with no light source was his biggest concern. While others could install more lights, he found other ways that even cost less. 


With just two $10 windows and some LED lights, they could create natural lighting for the dark area. Furthermore, you can even have light all day. Their basement will look amazing even in the middle of the night. 

Decoy Berries to trick the birds

For most gardeners, our biggest concern is when birds or squirrels try to eat our fruits. However, it will be tricky to set up some barriers to prevent them from entering our beloved garden.

Rae Ellis

As a reason, this woman came up with a genius solution to protect her strawberries! She took some rocks and painted them to look like fruits. When the crows’ peck on these hard rocks, they will be aware and stop eating the fruits. 

A genius way to cancel service

This person’s story could happen to any of us when we cancel our services. When trying to cancel their Xfinity service for the sixth time, they got into a heated argument with the customer service representative.


After going back and forth with no use, they decided to pull out the big gun. It seems like aside from the getting-out-of-jail card, going to jail could also do the trick. If you have the same problem, make sure to give this hack a try!  

Stop Your Dog Bowl from Spilling on The Floor

Dog owners, you will need his trick! This person is sick of cleaning up the mess whenever her dog drinks from the bowl, so she quickly found a solution. 


Instead of letting the water go to waste, she put the bowl in a makeshift garden. Now, the spilled water could keep the plants alive.

A new shirt design with bleach 

We all have nightmares about ruining a black shirt with bleach or a coffee stain on a white shirt, don’t we? What do you usually do in this situation? Throw the sweater away or try to save it like this guy right here? 


You can create a tie-dye effect with more bleach and make your shirt look brand new once again. 

A Genius Way to Label Each Drawer

While most people choose the standard way of labeling, this person’s grandpa is already three steps ahead. If you’re lazy, you can open each drawer to check the stuff inside or use a paper label to identify them.


In this case, he has used the actual hardware as labels. If you are working in workshops with lots of tools, this is a perfect way to organize everything. 

A Cute Puppy Pocket 

Do you need to make a quick trip to the grocery store but can’t find a dog sitter? Perhaps you will need to learn this trick from the master himself!

If you own a hoodie, wear it backward. The hood will now serve as a puppy pocket for your pet. Besides, you can use the same trick if you want to take them out for a walk. 

Stop Asking You For Money

We all have to deal with those family members that often ask for money and never return, don’t we? It seems like this uncle has cracked the code and found a perfect solution. If you ask everyone for money, no one will come and ask you. 

The only issue you need to remember is never telling people the truth behind it. If many people know, they could turn around and ask for money. Well, at least, in this case, we could see that the uncle has found someone he could call when he’s in trouble. 

The Right And Left Earbud

Whenever we use headphones, there’s always a chance that we could put them in the wrong ear. While they have the small letters R and L to differentiate each side, many ignore it. 


To avoid such a problem, this person came up with a simple solution. They look for a different rubber cover for the headphone and switch one. Now that they have different looks, it’s easy to put the right side on.