People Who Got Called Out For Their Ridiculous Posts Online

While some people share a post on social media for fun, others take it up a notch. One way or another, we could sometimes scroll past a status update with a ridiculous story. Sure, it could be an honest mistake. However, there’s a chance it could be a wicked way to get everyone’s attention. And how will you deal with it? Will you shrug and let it go, or call them out like these geniuses below?!

Do It for the Gram, or Not!

After many years of social media, it’s not hard to see a try-hard case whenever we check our newsfeed. Have you ever come across the famous phrase: “Do it for the gram?” 


While there are people who genuinely follow this motto, others are not. In this case, the woman shared a post about her hike, only for her sister to step in and claim that she was ‘just’ posing. Nice try, but not today! 

No Misinformation

While we do enjoy reading stories that others share online, spreading misinformation is a big No. This person took to social and excitedly posted a story about a disgruntled worker who damaged his boss’s expensive car. However, they didn’t expect to have someone calling their lies out so fast. Just one quick search, and the truth is out: this was just a commercial for a car insurance company. 


Inspiring or Mediocre Fiction?

The average number of social media users has reached the marks of billions over the years. Among them, there have been many good things that happen when millions of folks come together for a good deed. As long as it’s for a good cause, then nothing is harmful. 


However, someone might take advantage of this and create a story with a shocking effect just for the likes and shares. In this case, they posted about a million people who chose to abandon their cars and force the government to lower the original gas price. Prediction? Total fiction! 

This “Before and After” Post

Who doesn’t love to see a nice “before and after” type of post? From the cinematic scene of Cinderella to The Princess Diaries, we can’t get enough! Most people root for this character development arch, from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. 


And so does this woman. However, when she shared the “before and after,” many have pointed out that it was underwhelming. Would someone like her be called “ugly” in middle school? Not in our eyes, at least! We shouldn’t say that in the first place! 

Chris O’Dowd and His Irish Characters

With their two-way interaction, social media serves as an excellent tool for a celebrity to get closer to their fans. Moreover, they could easily oversee what their fan community is talking about; and even jump in to set the record straight if needed. 

Getty Images Photo by Michael Tullberg/Twitter/Irishmirror

For Chris O’Dowd, he understood the assignment correctly. When someone shared this incorrectly quoted on social media, The IT Crowd actor was quick to rectify. He stressed that no, Chris O’Dowd doesn’t only want to play Irish characters. Take that! 

Attention Seeker Much?

Many could have been fooled, but it would immediately fade out if someone called out a fake post. This user had shared the story with Reddit and attracted the attention of many users. Dozens of people have comments and were impressed by his photo.

However, another Reddit user quickly pointed out that the woman was wearing a Fitbit, something we could not find at the time in the picture. Unless she is a time traveler, or OP is a big-time liar. What is your verdict on this photo? 

Less is More

Nowadays, misinformation tends to travel much faster than confirmed news. In this case, one guy tweeted out that they finally learned what NEWS stands for: ‘notable events, weather, and sports.’ Their post gathered thousands of retweets and likes in such a short time. 

But how many take the time to fact-check this before spreading this to others? None, perhaps. Because the Merriam-Webster dictionary jumped in and left a short but powerful answer “NO”. Again, while the response got many reactions, the damage was done.

Establishment Owner Claps Back at a Malicious Review

Whenever we want to visit a place, reading a review is a MUST. We could learn more about the establishments and services in this way. However, things took a wrong turn when people tried to leave negative reviews on some businesses. 


In this situation, an establishment owner has fought back at an unfair review at his restaurant. Not only did it make an entertaining story, but it’s also good to see an explanation on both sides. Would you perhaps do the same if you were the owner in this case? 

One Post at a Time

Sometimes, people will use a white lie to attract attention to their posts. Once someone calls them out, they just drop it and move on. However, some wrong actions could bring heavy consequences, especially in this case.

With a simple photo and the tag “inconsiderate youths,” they create a place where others could criticize young people today. Only until somebody points out the empty chair, then the argument dies down. However, he already created enough damage. 

Don’t Add Family on Social Media

While we could befriend many on social media, family members are another case. How many times in life have we seen such a funny story where one’s family exposes their lie online? 


In this situation, the guy’s mom quickly pointed out his lies on the profile. Perhaps next time you want to rant and lie about your problem, make sure you block your mother first. 

A Serial Liar

Lying all the time must be a talent, and this girl must be on the master list. It’s hard to keep up with the series of lies he had to create, and even remember who you told it to is also a big challenge.

The 15-year-old Redditor was looking for advice on what she could do after ditching school. However, a scroll through their account revealed that they had played the role of a 17-year-old father-to-be before. 

Can this get any more embarrassing? 

As we mentioned above, misinformation travels fast and far easier. Moreover, once you are caught, the embarrassing moment will live on forever on the internet. 


Not only that, it was a celebrity – in this case -Brie Larson who came out and squashed the lie. Imagine trying to report something untrue about the star, and she hit you with straight facts right away. Yikes! 

John Carpenter Called Out Rotten Tomatoes

When the reviewing website shared a story about John Carpenter, with the sentence “would have been 70 years old today,” many have raised eyebrows. He’s alive, so why are you talking like he’s passed away.

Fortunately, Carpenter took it like a champ and proved that he’s the master of humor. He replied to the tweet, saying, “despite how it appears, I’m not actually dead.” Oops, intern mistake?