These Horrible Clothing Designs Made Us Do a Double-Take

Each of us has different fashion tastes. However, some clothes “stand out” more than others. In many cases, it could either be good or bad. Today, we have the list of the most ridiculous clothing designs we’ve come across while surfing the internet. If you need a good laugh today, make sure to check them out! 

What is it?

First, we could blame this on the factory. However, how did such bad clothing designs pass the quality check and end up at the store? Unusual, versatile clothes help us stand out from the crowd, but not in this case. What even is this combo? The idea of a sweatshirt and sweatpants combo might sound nice, but not like this. 

We wonder if anyone has purchased this outfit. If yes, when do you plan to wear it? Perhaps at an ‘ugly sweater’ contest? 

Fashionistas are a different breed.

Aside from the usual dad joke, this could be a creative way to showcase for any fathers to show off their kids. With this creepy matchy-matchy custom t-shirt and shorts, he stood out from the crowd. Besides looking pretty scary, the outfit will surely be a hit for any Halloween party. 

All we want to know is what makes him pick such a weird combo of clothing designs? Was it a dare? Or did he dress up in the dark and was in such a hurry that he couldn’t change? 

Honey, I Wore the Cat!

We all have a soft spot for cats and dogs. However, putting such a cute image of a kitten on a shock might not be a wise choice. In this case, when you wear socks, the cat will stretch and make it look scary and creepy. It was no longer as cute as the designer originally intended.

Remember, kittens are always cute, but maybe not on socks. 

Oh, Wait!

We know that it’s important to double-check everything regarding product launches. In this case, it looks like somebody forgot to do one final check. With such a design, we must keep the hood up at all times. That’s because if the hat is left down, the person wearing it could face the risk of being yelled at by animal lovers.

Worse, some passersby might be annoyed to stumble across the words “Animal Cruelty Club” when you drop your hat. Maybe a refund could be a good option in this situation! 

Meaningless Zipper

This denim shirt has a nice overall look with the soft sewn pocket on the front. However, that pointless little zipper sewn into the collar of a t-shirt is just as useless. Besides, the weird design will itch the wearer’s neck and leave a few nasty scratches.

Will you buy such an outfit with this weird design? What would you think if one of your friends showed up in this outfit for the day out? Such a design is sure to attract quite a few glances!


If you have trouble finding your way around or having trouble reading the map, this t-shirt might come in handy. The clothing designs will help you know where you are geographical! After all, the United States is enormous.

However, it looks like New Mexico and Montana are overlapping. We wouldn’t suggest anyone use this shirt as a map for your next road trip.

Cryptic Code on a Tag

How often do you take a look at the washing instructions label on your clothes before washing them? Some people also check this to see which materials their clothes are made of. In this case, the tag stated that the fabric component had a 200% chance of causing scratches. That’s tons of polyester, viscose, and Polyurethane, aka PU, in this t-shirt. As for those mysterious Xs, who knows what they are?

Is it merely a factory-made mistake, or is it some impenetrable, mysterious Pythagorean cipher that only the manufacture knows about?

Where is the rest of it? 

Can anyone identify this weird accessory? At first glance, it looks like someone’s dog has bitten the majority of the pants. However, this is, in fact, a belt. The designer must have used the waistband of a pair of jeans as an accessory. What a bold idea! 

With its orange-black color, you can wear it on Halloween or pair it with your Freddy Krueger pants or tights in your pirate outfit. Get creative and go all out!

Fron and back are equally important.

Whenever you have a haircut, we all need to check the front and the back. The same rule could apply to fashion. At first glance, we would think he pulled his pants too high and accidentally created a prize wedgie. But no, it’s just the design of the t-shirt.

We bet he didn’t turn around to check the back when he put on the outfit. A simple solution is to forgo tucking in if you have a similar T-shirt.