The Most Cringeworthy Wedding Photos You Have Ever Seen

Wedding is fun, wedding is lovely. And what better way to remember the special day with many photos? While some couples could go for traditional and tasteful styles, others could think outside the box and make their special days unique. However, these images below might want to rethink this decision. Here are some of the most cringle wedding photos that will give you a good laugh. Take a look! 

Big Love for Watermelon

This bride and groom indeed love watermelon a lot, so much that they try to include some shots of them eating some in their wedding photos. However, did anyone warn them on the inappropriate meaning behind such a shot? 

The Weird Family Portrait

What was the reason behind such an image? For most family portraits, all members will be standing or sitting down on some chairs. However, this couple doesn’t want to follow the traditional way. We could see the mom lying on the ground, some scattered alcohol bottles. If that is not enough, the awkward hand-holding and pose triumphs everything. 

No Playing with Your Food. 

Many happy couples have chosen to release doves on their special day. However, could this count as “releasing” a bird? How did anyone come up with such an idea? 

Wedding photos

Bread Lovers Unite

If you ask us what happened, we’re afraid there wouldn’t be any logical explanation for this. For once, the bride could be interpreting the famous saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Such a badly photoshopped picture like this shouldn’t appear on any wedding album, much less for the Internet to see. 

Wedding photos

Is It Time To Go Home?

The bride in this photo looked quite “happy” on the wedding day. Moreover, we don’t think the instrument guy is the groom, or not?! The empty tables and her expression look like a bad start to their new married life. 

Wedding photos

A Low Budget Pirate-Themed Wedding

Back in the day, it’s not hard to spot one or two awkward wedding photos like this one. It seemed like they were trying to bite their wedding bands at first glance. However, some might mistake that bride and groom had lost a tooth or two.

Wedding photos

Genie In A bottle? 

How much creativity does it take to take this photo? They must brainstorm the idea, then make the photographer edit it to look like a genie. With the deadpan expression, we wonder how they still want to keep this image?  

Wedding photos

A Bathtub Moment

If you rent a hotel room to get ready, there must be plenty of places to take power. So we still don’t understand why they think the bath is a good location. With all the bridesmaids cramping in one place, we wonder who gave the suggestions, and how come they agree to it?! 

Wedding photos

“Center Of Attention”

This couple must have a big love for centaurs, as they try to include such an idea into their wedding. You have a beautiful beach, and instead of a nice strolling photo, they decided to photoshop a horse onto their bodies.

Wedding photos

Challenging Gender Roles

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find a couple who want to challenge the traditional roles. They want to prove that not everything has to follow the same route. Not all women and men need to behave similarly. 

Wedding photos

The bride and groom, in this case, are doing just that, with the help of their best man and maid of honor groups. However, we could think of a few more creative ideas that prevent them from producing the final photos like this. 

The aftereffect of 4 Or 5 Cocktails Later

When the ceremony ends and the party begins, it’s the perfect time for the couple to enjoy their first dance and have fun. In this case, the bride is undoubtedly the star of the event. When the time came, she was ready for it!

Wedding photos

From the photo, we could guess that breakdancing is not what everyone expected to see. The whole crowd completely went wild. There were a lot of surprised faces in the image. 

She went there and started breakdancing to the point that everyone in the party completely lost their minds.