Jimmy Fallon Asks People to Share Their Biggest Wedding Fails Shared

Every couple envisions their wedding day as one of the most joyous moments in their lives. Months of meticulous planning go into crafting the perfect event, from selecting the ideal attire, curating the guest list, and securing the perfect venue to choosing the cake and attending to every intricate detail for that enchanting evening. However, life occasionally throws unexpected curveballs, threatening to disrupt what should be the most cherished day. With the assistance of devoted Twitter enthusiasts, Jimmy Fallon curated a collection of the most cringe-inducing wedding mishaps. We can only hope these couples exchanged vows of “Til death do us part” before these comically chaotic wedding escapades unfolded.

Tacky Wedding Decisions That Were Shared Online

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in anyone’s life, especially if you are one-half of the couple getting married. You want this day to be special, unique, and of course, just to your liking. When you decide to implement your decor as you’ve always dreamed, or maybe scroll too much online searching for ‘cool’ ideas, you run into some disasters, knowingly or unknowingly. The Facebook page “That’s it I’m Wedding Shaming” is dedicated to sharing disasters caught at weddings, from the guests wearing something embarrassing to tacky decor. There’s a bit of everything in this collection, and it might just serve as a guide on what not to do at your wedding in the future.

Don’t Wear White To The Wedding

How is it that, after years and years of wedding celebrations, guests still think it’s okay to wear white to a wedding? This has to be the number one rule when attending a wedding, yet people still choose to outshine the bride — or at least try to. This poor bride had the misfortune that her mother-in-law decided that she would wear white to the wedding. The bride had a genius idea and collaborated with the photographer to photoshop every photo they took by recoloring her dress to red. 

Funniest Stories Where Guests Stole The Show At Weddings

Weddings are a joyous event, especially for the groom and bride. However, sometimes things just went a completely different way than we expected. One of the worst things is when the guests steal the spotlight from the happy couple. Today, we have some of the funniest stories where people steal the attention and max out the cringe. Ready for a wild ride? Scroll down!

“I want to go home.”

Judging by his sad expression and suitcase, it looks like the little boy is ready to go home. Did someone break his heart? Perhaps the bride?

Source: Reddit

While we cannot guess what he had in that case, he made a funny picture. His parents are probably looking for him at the party, though.

How to Control your kids

Besides the great help from the maid of honor and best man, another hero we need to thank after the wedding: the one who controls all the children. We have seen too many cases where the kids destroy the event. Some couples even ask for a no-kid wedding to prevent such a disaster.

Source: Del Sol Photography

However, if you still want to have a typical wedding with kids, make sure to find someone who can handle them. In this photo, the man was quick to grab the children minutes away from interrupting the ceremony. At least the couple had a good laugh.

“No Jumping”

This boy must have seen the bride’s dress and thought: “that will make a good landing place for a jump.” Did he mistake the dress for some fluffy pillows? He took the chance when she was walking down the aisle.

"That Looks Like A Fun Place To Jump"
Source: BoredPanda

Luckily, she was only yanked back a bit, and no harm was done. The bride must have been quite angry as this was her special moment.

“This isn’t My Party!”

While it was a happy day for the groom and bride, this little groomsman surely didn’t share the same sentiment. Imagine him stomping down the aisle. Everyone found it super hilarious.

"This isn't My Party!"
Source: Reddit

What do you think got him in such a bad mood? Maybe he didn’t want to be a groomsman? Or his tuxedo and shoes were too tight?

When T-Swift Is In The House

One of the downsides of having a famous guest is that they can instantly outshine you at your event. In this case, Taylor Swift completely stole the show when she attended her long-time best friend, Britany Maack’s wedding.

No One's Looking At The Bride When T-Swift Is In The House

The famous pop star was a great help, from joining the event’s planning to helping her friend get down the aisle.

“So Tired!!”

This adorable flower girl is at the end of her patience. If the couple couldn’t hurry up, she might get angrier!

"You've Got To Be Kidding Me"
Source: Imgur

The way the photographer captures her exhausted emotion among the happy crowd was enough to make us laugh out loud.

Coming Through

Unless you look at the background, this looks like a magical moment for the couple to say their vows. What happened to this little girl that she had to run so fast?

Nothing To See Here, Continue The Ceremony

Perhaps she wants to stretch her legs a bit, or she just needs to go to the washroom?